Did Reach have more people playing than H4?

(I’m talking about during Halo Reach’s final days not when it had just came out.)

Whilst counting down the days till Halo 4 came out I seem to remember the Halo Reach playlists having more players in them than Halo 4 does right now, am I correct with that? Does anyone have the figures?

I understand that due to the excitement surrounding Halo 4 many players probably played Halo Reach again to get ready for Halo 4 but I seem to recall Infection being one of the most played playlists maybe it even being the second most played playlist and now with Flood in Halo 4 hardly anyone plays it in comparison.

What’s happened?

Halo 4 in all is too fast paced. It should keep a traditional medium pace, and save the fast pace for something hectic like Dominion or Big team. Infection in Reach was a lot slower, you had the time to appreciate the art and even screw around with some teammates before the infected stuck a sword in you.

I’m sure flood will get better, when Alpha zombies was introduced in Reach, that’s what did it for infection. It easily became one of the most popular gametypes.

Not to mention that i’ll bet a lot of people hated having evade as their only armor ability as zombies (on uncaged it was hell for zombies… lol)

Reach had a solid 80k players online up until November.

> Reach had a solid 80k players online up until November.

I thought the population counter was screwed up or was it fixed already?