Did reach fall for Red flag??????

I read for the 10th time the oni data drops, and this is what i understood (about operation red flag):
-the original plan was to sacrifice an important planet to attract a flagship carrier [CLASS-FIVE CSO/CAS] and capture it. then the spartan on that ship should return it to high charity and capture a high prophet…
-the plan was to rally all the spartans on the autumn (under the control of keyes) and when the covenant fleet arrived on reach, to lower the defenses of reach draw the enemy in, and then acquire transport by force.
-this is what they (ONI) did: they did a briefing with the spartans and halsey, while the covenant ground forces were already attacking reach (but spartans ?and halsey? didn’t know this) then they took the spartans on the autumn, but they didn’t tell keyes that the sacrifice of reach was indispanseble for red flag and red flag was more important than reach, so, when the covenant fleet attacked, he jumped in the battle.

Oni sacrified reach because they deemed it indefensible.
But the sacrifice was useless because they didn’t tell all at keyes, this is incredible!!!
Do you confirm what i wrote?
Is the old woman (parangonsky) becomming mad?
Did she forget to tell keyes that red flag was the last resource?
Or she didn’t want to tell him? (why?)
why, if they knew that reach was indifenseble, they sacrified a lot of UNSC personnel, civilian and ships?
Why did stranforth die for reach when he wasn’t neccesary?
How could ONI hide halsey, the spartans, the fleet that reach was already under attack?

Reach would have fallen anyways, redflag or not.

Reaches greatest defense was that the covenant didn’t know where it was.

They knew that once the covies found Reach, it was doomed no matter what. May as well get something good out of it.

As for the POA being magically unaware, 343 made some silly justifications for that. Stuff that they did simply to try and explain what bungie did. I honestly believe bungie fully intended to retcon a few things, but 343 had to deal with what they had and move on.

we may never find out i dont know all i know is

We Should Remember Reach and all the spartans the fell with it

I’m pretty sure this is what spat in the face of HALO lore… If I remember the Master chief and his squad were originally going to kidnap a prophet and use that as leverage… But before they could leave Reach was invaded… I dunno its been like a year since I read the books so I might be wrong about this…

Oni did a very big mistake: they didn’t tell keyes all about red flag and so the operation failed. that’s a bit strange: oni never makes mistakes, or not so stupid like this one!!!

Even if red flag worked it would have never ended the war…