Did not Recieve Weekly Req!

Hello! I was hoping maybe someone could help me out particularly 343. I have checked everday this week for my weekly req packs that comes with halo, the doc from the limited edition;but it has not shown up in my open packs. Yet my brother, who has his own console, and lives somewhere else has gotten this weeks season pass reqs. I wouldn’t let this bothee too much but I was guaranteed this packs so long as it was available. I’ve tried restarting your console, logging out of everything connected to halo, and checking back everyday, 343 please actually read this thread as it is a huge oversight and pain in the you know what to get support when the only option we have is posting a thread in hopes of your reply and not being ignored.

Did your brother redeem his code after you by any chance? If you redeemed before or at the launch of halo 5 then your last 2 REQ packs would have been delivered last week. If you didn’t, when did you both redeem and how many packs have you both opened so far?

Sorry for late reply{been having to go to university and have not been on waypoint) and we both received and redeemed on the same day.