Did not get my req pack

hey guys just was wondering why I did not get my req pack it said “you don’t have enough req points” when I had 5584 and I was trying to buy a silver. then all of a sudden my req points dissipered and I did not get my pack why?

Probably the server lagged, you have opened it do not worry, if you check you collection you will see that you have two new things

Check your REQ collection. You should have gotten new items. If not… I’m not really sure what to say.

If you did not get two new permenant unlocks. It might not have subtracted the points from your previous silver for a little while, making it appear as though you had more. Don’t worry happens to me sometimes. Meaning you spent those points already it just did not take the points right away.

I was having the same problem

is a simple glitch that is extremely annoting especially when your trying to BUY A GOLD PACK AND ALL YOUR POINT DISAPPEAR
… (huff) im sorry its just that 343 please fix it