Did Microsoft forget their roots?

In my opinion, Halo 2 was a milestone in the Halo franchise. I remember spending countless hours online in custom games & matchmaking and it would never cease to amaze me. The competitiveness of the game was unlike anything of it’s time. I miss it a lot. Remember how easy it was to make friends? How much fun even sitting in a lobby with those old friends could be? Remember being able to hear that noob who got lucky talk smack to you after they bxr you and tbag you? Remember the Aesthetically pleasing ranks? I remember… Moving on… for now…

Recently I stumbled upon videos of the Halo CE Anniversary and I have to say that I’m very stoked. CE was never given the online multiplayer chance like other Halos, however in my opinion had the best story of all and rad LAN multiplayer. I am curious as to how it will hold up. Anyways, getting back to H2. After the Original Xbox Live Servers were drained of life on April 14th, 2010, I found myself nostalgic and left with a void that maybe (I hope) will someday be replaced.

I think that Halo 2 at least deserves it’s own anniversary, down the road. Maybe perhaps, even being re-released as an arcade title with online multiplayer? I feel like Microsoft treated Halo 2 (and all other original titles that were still kicking) like an unwanted stepchild(s) by abandoning them. I think that Halo 2 made Halo’s Online Multiplayer what it is today and it should never be forgotten. Do H2 justice!

Last but not least… Halo 4

I hope that this time around, 343 can deliver a game that has the combined equivalence of Halo CE’s Single Player and Halo 2’s Multiplayer. What are your thoughts?