Did I miss something?

So I just got home booted up halo and was excited to see what was in the store, and potentially buy something new and cool for a decent price. You can imagine how I felt when I opened it up and smack dab in my face is the same old yoroi set for 20 bucks. And an plain -Yoink!- Grey color with some shoulder pads for 10 bucks. :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face: so yeah did I miss something or??? I thought the store prices were addressed but I guess not, what is going on??

Side note: of course atrrition is gone a fun game mode that they said will bring back but of course had to take it for the tenrai event :slight_smile: even though they could have just put as just another playlist :blush:


Yeah I’m gonna have to ask you to stop, all that just makes too much sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly though, they probably didnt want to deal with backlash from people who bought these items at full price throwing a fit. Trying to keep attrition in would take another UI change (we all know how they shot themselves in the foot on that) and would distract players from Tenrai (they wouldnt want their event playlist empty). :confused:

A twitter post or something clarifying the shop prices would be nice, but then again that makes too much sense.


no, you didnt miss a thing. 343 just lied to you


343 manages this game like I manage my relationship status…not very well :sweat:

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I can see where they are coming from though. I guess one can say “Well they deserve it for buying at the inflated price” or something etc, but there definitely will be a weird gray area that opens up if they go back and heavily reduce all the old bundle prices, even though I certainly wouldn’t mind if they did.

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Old bundles won’t be cheaper because I guess refund wars or something, and the $10 bundle has “11” items, so it’s actually a decent value. If Coatings and Emblems were universal, like they SHOULD be, then it would still be a 7 item bundle for $10

They are testing the waters. They had a few weeks of lower prices, now they’ll compare that data to the next few weeks at higher prices, if the revenue is better with higher prices, then too bad for us.


The real question is, are they tracking data on the bundles purchased, or the credits purchased? It matters because if people bought the $89.99 bundle a while back, just because it was the best value, that doesn’t mean you’re going to use it all in that one week

Who knows, maybe one reason why we don’t get to earn credits yet; they want to lock down their most profitable price point before things get complicated with earned credits.

I believe that the same way they removed swaps for cosmetics in the events, they will remove cosmetics from the Season 2 battle pass to add free credits, but those removed cosmetics will be added to the shop

Genshin Impact players be like: “…and here is my $34,000 waifu and weapon collection”

Welcome to free to play

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Free to play more like free to sit in my steam library uninstalled

Just jesus, the absolute gall and disconnect between player and developer/marketer/whoever the duck thought this was a just and fine idea to release to the public.

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They’re not reducing the price on items that were already available so the players who purchased them don’t feel ripped off.