Did Halo4 go over the top with Chief/Cortana?


Just finished the campaign on Heroic, and throughout the campaign, I kept asking myself if the relationship between Chief and Cortana was being overplayed by the guys at 343. The final scenes between them were especially questionable to me. What confused me was why, after almost single-handedly destroying the covenant and being a dealer in general badassery, we find ourselves with a Chief that is acting like a love struck sop with regards to Cortana. It seemes to me that Chief left his balls on installation 00. I understand that the guys at 343 wanted to show the human side of Chief, but somehow I always imagined that Chief would be more of a guy that got quietly pissed off until he exploded with rage when he experienced emotional distress,not despairing. (side note: Gypsy company? Really? most demotivating name for a military unit ever)

With that said, the game is absolutely amazing minus my perceived disconnect between the new Chief and the older more, badass one. Long live the Master Chief! and Long live 343 for their incredible present and future achievements.

They’ve been through a lot together. I thought it was nice to show the human side of the Chief while still being a badass.

Agreed. And it was sooo cheasy I was facepalming at times. Come on, there was a much better way to handle this.

Chief does keep his “man of action” status through the campaign since he is constantly trying to find a way to save Cortana. He only appears sad at the end because he ultimately failed in his duty.

i didnt think it was overplayed. though i did find it a tad weird about cortana wanting to actually make physical contact with john.

I didnt see “love”. it was more like watching a good friend die when you were this close from possibky doing anything about it.

In the past 4 years, she made sure the chief was fine, even past her “expiration date” all AIs had in.common. I’d be a bit sad too if it all goes to crap in the end.

When she was like “I’ve waited so long to do that.” I almost had to turn off my xbox.

Cortanas the only friend Chief has and they’ve been through so much, it was absolutely in Chiefs character to act the way he did.

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Halo 5 everyone!

Yeah, the “I’ve waited so long to do that” was a bit too much, but other then that, I found it good and very emotional. :slight_smile:

I thought they did a good job at showing John’s humanity,(even though I never cared for it). I’m not going to act stupid for what I was seeing on the screen, since it was done very well and the visuals/graphics were amazing with all their cinematics. 343i did a good job IMO for taking a huge project and challenge on along with doing well still. Great story.

but chief and cortana are the focus of the game, he’s gonna have some attachment to her. and you wanted rage? just think how pissed off he’ll be if they try to replace her or wont let him try to get her back :slight_smile:

I think it was completely reasonable. From both parties really. Even more so if you read the books than anything else. Let me explain it a little bit as to how -I- see it.

Basicly when John received Cortana it was solely for a potential one way mission to the homeworld of the covenant and blow it up. That was the mission of the Pillar of Autumn orignally. This was meant to happen with all the Spartan II’s, not just John. Though because Reach came under attack, most Spartans were sent to the ground to assist in defense while he and Linda went to erase the computers on a space station of kind. (Details may be a bit vague here.) They lost contact with the ground force and decided to leave anyway.

HOWEVER before all this, John had gone through training with Cortana and gotten to know her a little bit. Basicly Cortana was there when everything else was taken from him. Or so he believed. He believed that all Spartan II’s were dead, and that he was the only one left. Cortana atleast could keep up with him in thought and tactics. Cortana was the replacement of John’s entire squad of Spartans. So naturally he grew closer.

Then over the course of the games and everything that happened inbetween (Read the books), they grew closer and became more one soldier than anything else. They worked together, fought off countless of enemies, overcame obstacles, stopped the genocide of humanity and everything.

From Cortana’s point of view… John was almost all she knew. She knew him her entire life. Ofcourse it hurts to always be able to talk to someone but never really have a connection. To finally being able to feel him was just proof that it was all real. That it was there, and that she finally could get to him. The only person she got to know so well, and her whole life. John always came through for her, never left her. Always showed a bit of care and affection towards her. Take Halo 2, his reluctance to leave her. Take Halo 3, his happiness to see her again. How far he was willing to go to save her.

I think it was great.

Think of it as losing a really good friend, he’s fought with cortana’s help from since before reach feel I would imagine anybody to be emotional even the chief. If you read the books he is not emotionless he just acknowledges and moves on. Hence while in the epilogue his responses to laskey seem almost robotic in nature. He just lost a friend who’s fought by his side since reach.

I feel you’re misreading the chief. His inability to focus proper human emotion was displayed as he wrestled with his desire to cry out, he was very stoic in the end in my opinion, and it took a lot for him to utter “please”. As if he just did not wish to understand, and “Just doing” is the only way to be.

His inside crumbled apart (symbolified by the debris) and if you cared to beat legendary, The end cut scene seems to show a very dejected (while very shocked onlookers of the spartan 4 program) master chief, but upon removing the helmet, You find something very different. Master chief is angry, VERY ANGRY, and very clearly not himself.

I also expected him to behave differently. I thought he be passive aggressive and end up going ape–Yoink- on someone after Cortana died but instead he’s just kinda sad… and that’s it.

I was playing at 3 in the morning, and that may have made me slightly cynical. :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought it was handled really well. It’s obvious Chief has some sort of feelings towards Cortana, she has been his closest companion and it’s nature for Chief to care and vice versa.

343i did a great job of showing Chief’s human side.