Did banished infantry get a lil faster?

maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the elite grunt squads have a bit more speed than the brute grunt squads prior to the patch. Has anyone tested this?

Haven’t tested, but it seems that way. I will test later probably.

I did notice this.
I think you’re right, but I can’t say 100%

Same here. I personally wouldn’t like it. I think marines should be faster than grunts in the first place …

It’s great! No longer can grunts or marines start a battle then run away. Plus you can get to supplies quicker. So far I like the Arbiter just need to play more as him. Cutters infantry runs like Cheetahs so maybe this was a counter to it.

Was satisfying being able to hit and run last night with the elite grunt squad.

Its not just Arby, Shippy has em too.

It does seem that way. I had a couple of shrouds lag behind after sending grunt squads across the map. Not sure about UNSC, unless they’re Cutter.