Did anyone ever think forge map?

Like if that one map is a Timberland remake that could be a nice place for a forge map. Or maybe we get Containment or Sidewinder and have a snowy forgeworld map. We need a new place to forge with new items.

IMO it would be great already if we could choose the overall appearance of Forge World by having different textures; grassy (Reach’s default), snowy, or desert. And then we also choose the textures of the “building blocks”; Forerunner (Reach’s default), sandstone, or rock.

That alone would make Forge at least a thousand times better than it is now.

It’d be excellent if Sidewinder doubled as another forge world.

volcano with giant hill in middle as the volcano and you can drop into volcano to a sort of
urban flat landscape. Lava could play the role of killing water.

Cratered moon with massively deep canyons as killzones (like ascension from halo2)

Tundra, it would have some massive forests one of the edges could be a massive drop into the
freezing ocean wile the other sides could be massive walls of frozen snow.

Red desert:Kind of beautiful red sand with giant redish granite cliffs. Also a moon on the
sky kinda like the default desktop on alot of computers called "redmoon desert"It could
feature a dry riverbed or lakebed for flat areas. Maybe throw in a watery oasis?

For a urban environment, what about a massive factory with outlying roads to smaller
buildings. The factory would be huge and the buildings on the outside would be similar to
foundry. The entire thing could be incased in a glass-like dome from the simpsons. The
mapmaker could give the impression that somethting went wrong in the city and it had to be
quarentined. Kinda like from the simpsons movie.

Rainy tropical forest, not much ideas but maybe some trees that are easily maneuverable thru
like jumping from branch to branch nothing special.

just some ideas.