Did anyone else love the final mission?

I absolutely loved that final stand scenario. It felt awesome to try and hold out against the odds.

I really did like how you had to kind of coordinate your units and balance them between the enemies. I also loved the last waves with all the scarabs and stuff. I kinda wish it was a bit more difficult (I beat it first try on Legendary) but a good level overall.

I loved the Campaign “Final Stand” mission. I would love if they can increase the difficulty on the enemy such as harder to kill or bring more massive armies. Should have the Spirit (Covenant Troop Carrier) drop in enemies by the Ark teleport platform which where you get your reinforcements dropped by Pelicans. Just to bring in the fear and strategic thinking that every corner that you defend is under attack.

It was one of my favorites. While it wasn’t hard, it was very fun to play.

Yes, I love the defense missions. I prefer to have a base where I can make my own units and place them where I want, but I love any all of the defense missions.

Defense missions were definitely my favorite. I felt the last stand was a little too easy, but liked it all the same.

Yea I agree… last mission was really enjoyable but even on legendary it wasn’t a challenge… great mission overall though

I loved it. Playing co-op made it so satisfying to have such a huge force between us. Communicating back and forth with someone on where to move makes you feel like a commander. Glad they went for a more fun than challenging end. Especially after how hard Mission 11 was.