Did anyone else like Commendations?

To be honest, Commendations were one of the things in Halo Reach that I found didn’t suck. Like the Grenade Launcher, and Daily Challenges, it was actually a nice addition, and felt like something Halo can use, and grow with in the future.

Does anyone else want to see commendations return? And how would you see them optimized?

Personally, I’d like them to be more specific, with many more overall commendations that are each quicker to accomplish. As well as offering more prizes than just Experience.

For instance, instead of a Commendation for Automatic Weapons that requires 10,000 kills to Onyx. Why not have one for the AR, one for the Storm Rifle, and one for the Needler each requiring 3,000 kills to Onyx? And with each rank of Commendation, you get some Experience, and maybe a new weapon skin for that weapon?

Instead of “kill an infantry/Specialist/Leader” enemy, we can have “Kill x Grunts, x Jackals, x Elites, x Knights, x Watchers, x Crawlers” etc. for Campaign and Spartan Ops. Onyx each one for a new Emblem, or Armour Skin, or something.

It’d be pretty nice to see the Commendation system expand and offer more value and replay weight for completionist players. As well as giving someone who just likes the unlock at the end of “insert commendation here” something to strive for, even if they don’t focus on any other Commendations.

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They were a cool idea .

But I didn’t like them and people just boosted them for that 100%

> They were a cool idea .
> But I didn’t like them and people just boosted them for that 100%

The only ones that were actually boostable were the Campaign ones tbh. And to stop boosting all they would have to do is make it so when you go back to checkpoint you lost Commandation progress earned during that checkpoint (If you actually finished a level of Commendation, say got the Gold Grenade kills one, after 5 Grenades, and then got 10 more after that, you would keep the Commendation and the Exp boost, and unlocks, as well as the 5 Grenade kills that unlocked it. But the 10 you got after would disappear)

I liked them…

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Eh, I’d rather that they had daily/weekly/custom challenges instead.

Didn’t care about commendations because most people (stupidly) boosted for them.

lol Made the boosters come out

They encouraged people to do things like hold objectives and refuse to score so they could get kills, so… no.

Commendations were okay. I don’t care if they don’t return.

> I liked them…

I loved the idea but the reality failed to really grip me. I found that after awhile they became very stagnant and boring. I am not opposed to their return but I hope they liven them up some.

> They were a cool idea .
> But I didn’t like them and people just boosted them for that 100%

Exactly, it’s not like we even notice them that often. I get a commemndation every few weeks.

I liked them, gave you something else to work for.

Weapon skins rewards based on kills with said weapon?

I like commendations and all but let’s not take another step towards COD.

Let’s try to think outside of the box.

Loved em, though I will admit they ruined objective games. Just add some objective specific commendations and I’d be happy.

I thought they were a nice addition. Gave you something more to work towards.

I’m hoping that daily and weekly challenges are still in Halo 4. The only difference I would make would be to have a little more variety in the challenges. Like have some challenges pertain to the Spartan Ops gamemode.

I didn’t really care about the commendations though. Maybe have like a commendation progress bar for weapons to unlock the weapon skin?

You mean that pointless reward system that rewards you extra cR for your pointless rank?

No due to it was pointless.

I like 'em! But I find the numbers at which you advance some commendations to be WAY too ridiculous…

I thought they were a nice addition to Halo. However, I didn’t like that some were matchmaking exclusive and that Commendations were, for lack of a better phrase, in the background. If they return, they should do something, like the medals in Gears of War 3.