Did Anyone Actually Want This

I don’t anymore since infinite’s multiplayer never really seemed that good to me from a personal opinion for me to keep playing it plus other things in life are keeping me busy from really playing much of anything.

I’ve always wondered how elite controllers performed and that explains why I haven’t really noticed much about them if they have those issues and I’ll have to look at the recon and fusion controllers sometime especially when the one I have now wears out eventually.

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Nobody is talking about enabled cross-play, the literal topic is forced cross-play.

Why are there so many people like you saying “I love cross-play” and completely ignore the fact that it’s forced???

Most people aren’t mindless drones. Definitely not the few remaining people playing this game. I guarantee everyone that plays this game regularly understands what cross-play is and has a defined opinion on it.

What is wrong with forced cross play, excluding -Yoink!- hackers that I hope make up less than 1% of the our entire community? I notice a lot of people for/against in the thread but what are the reasonings for it being an issue?

Here is my limited view because I’m very bias towards it being forced on as a PC player:

It allows MS to achieve their goal to allow us to play anywhere, anytime, on anything with everyone.

You cannot control the randoms you play with and against; at worst you may verse god-tier snipers/shock riflers on PC, or be partied with MKB teammates that cannot hit the side of a barn with their pistol/AR/BR.
You may verse a hacker.

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No they absolutely can still cheat. I’ve been in matches with people walk hacking.

cross play is what brought aim bots and wall hacks to consoles via pc players.

At least MW let you turn it off to escape them

Imagine being annoyed about having access to a larger population of players.


You say that like every other match has a cheater in it

People have been getting third party cheating into console games for generations now though. I remember Halo 2 getting Spartans flying through the skies headshotting with aimbots at one point with modded consoles. It’s been highly speculated though that consoles are becoming obsolete though from what I’ve seen and heard. I think it’s honestly just where console gaming in general is going, because I believe Playstation is also slowly going down that path itself.

As for live services and open world, I couldn’t say if anyone wanted it, most most definitely not. Hell, 343i might not have wanted it, but it’s more likely microsoft did since they saw how other games were doing it and wanted to pursue in their footsteps.


PC = > Cheaters = Bad

Oh I’m not ignoring that its forced have you seen the playerbase?

The pc version will basically die if crossplay becomes optional

I can see crossplay being optional once the infinite playerbase has a decent size

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It’s really funny you mention consoles may cease in the future because in the PC building community we are more and more scared every decade that AIB solutions (GPU and CPU and DDR memory all soldered to a motherboad) is the future for best memory lane routing and power routing.

It’s grim in the distant future. We feel we’ll be forced to buy a single board (like a console) to put in our preferred air/water cooled box.

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Why would the playerbase on PC die? Unless you’re agreeing that most people don’t like forced cross-play, in which case, it should die. I’d rather have PC be a dead platform than have the playerbase forced to do something it doesn’t want to do.

Didn’t want it,
Crossplay presents a pretty significant issue when it comes to games that are PvPcentric,
The difference in control inputs drastically effect the skill difference between players.

Controller players have way too much help from the computer offering them aim correction,
M&K players get little to no aim assistance with a ton of guns.

A Medium Skill level M&K player is being matched by low skill Controller players purely on the additional work that the computer does for them in terms of aim.

Honestly, Halo stands as probably the only example of this such occurrence. Most of the time it’s M&K players that have the distinct advantage. It’s really a testament to how well AA is implemented within the franchise.

It should be toggleable.

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There is no inherent advantage to being on PC if you are on a series x. M&k is horrible, and can also be used on console anyways.

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I’m assuming the OP made this post after losing a match and assuming the person that owned them in the match was using the opposite input method. Too bad you don’t actually know that.

Without cross-play the wait times for some game modes would ridiculously longer than they already are.

You won’t improve as a player if you keep focusing on the input method as part of the problem. It is what it is so you need to adjust accordingly. For example, I’m a KBM player and I rarely engage in head on, long distance engagements because I’ll almost always lose against a controller player with much higher AA. Instead I use movement to my advantage. You just have to adjust and play to your respective input’s advantages and not worry so much what the other person is or isn’t using because you can’t control that so why focus on it.

Running tally

Crossplay Good: 19

Crossplay Bad: 5

Crossplay Compromise: 14 (stance includes both categories)

@iVENGEANCEm The suggestion here is that PC players have an advantage because they can cheat?

That’s not an advantage if it breaks the rules my guy, that’s categorically breaking the rules.

Advantages include accepted (officially supported) hardware differences between the platforms in question, “cheating” isn’t officially supported.

While cheating is a problem that needs to be addressed and called out as what it is, it’s not only a reason to cancel an entire demographic of gamers over the actions of a few, it’s also commonly mistakenly (intentionally or unintentionally) relegated to a single type of cheat (hacks) when cheating exists in many other forms (hardware, network manipulation).

If you’re keen on severing connection to all PC players as the root of the issue behind botting, then surely you must be ok with cutting connection to all Console players for using Strike Packs right?

This goes for you too. Cheating is cheating, slight boosts in edge due to intrusive AI manipulation of controls (Strike Pack) are just as against TOS as being able to see targets through walls (wall hack).

Referring to an entire demographic as a problem due to the actions of an egregious few is ignoring the reality of the rampancy of cheaters buying their cheats off shelves at any retail chain in your own demographic.