Did Anyone Actually Want This

I play controller on PC, so I like having crossplay.


Microsoft desires a holistic Halo experience. That does not mean they know exactly what that means.

For now though, because the population is too low.

Same. Not like I have an advantage over Xbox players.


Yes. I did want this, and have been asking for it since Halo 2 Vista released in 2007. For years, I have had friends who only had an Xbox (partly due to not being able to afford a gaming PC at the time), when I’ve mainly been a PC guy, and have wanted to be able to play a number of games, including Halo with them. It’s a big reason why I was really happy that MCC ended up getting cross-play.


Yeah so I can be on pc and play with xbox peeps

But it cost money to develop servers for this, and is starting to become standard in industry with games like d2 and Fortnite having these features

You can just pick KBM or controller in competitive, outside of that it shouldn’t really be too much of an issue.


Same, that and infinite’s controls just feel weird and wonky at times especially without clench protection like you said, and I agree with the sensitivity, it’s been a bit since I played infinite but not really having fine tuning available for sensitivity was definitely not too fun with either you’re turning too slow to react or too fast too be accurate to place your shots right especially since I’m pretty sure MCC would let you fine tune it better with .1 or .5 percentages. Not to mention how some button layouts for controller are missing specifically boxer which was in every Halo before which is a small personal preference but still annoying having to relearn a entire controll scheme for the same game switching between MCC and infinite

Also deleted the same post before since the new forums are chaotic in their layout compared to the old forums which was simple and sleek

Greedy? What was greedy was forcing people to buy a certain console to play with their friends. When I was a kid I never thought crossplay would be a thing.

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I’ve wanted it since 2007 when every guy in my 8th grade class had CoD4 on 360, and I only had a PC.

Crossplatform play certainly has its balancing problems, but it’s one of the greatest (if not the single greatest) overall quality of life improvements to gaming in the last decade.

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Yea the clench protection I really miss. Ive remapped some of my buttons myself, and have a controller that lets me switch what certain buttons do. Like for the drop weapon i had to put it on D pad, and then switch it to my x button so i can do the hold this combo right. I had to put my ping location to an extra rear button, and my equipment usage to the right rear extra button. (This controller only has 2 extra buttons, at a cheaper price point but has this pretty neat EQ and sound boost integrated into the audio for headsets)

Honestly man i cant imagine even trying to play halo on a default controller anymore. I never learned how to claw grip, and my hands are in bad shape so attempting that would be terrible. I use the bumper jumper layout. If that ever went missing I’d for sure be annoyed as heck. It sucks you have to use 2 different layouts. Its not possible to remap them to mimmic the layout you want?


Uh, people who have friends who prefer to play on other platforms have always been clamoring for this. And it’s awesome that it’s become so common, albeit with its drawbacks.

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I’d rather it not be on. Cross platform performance almost always opens up lag

What you should be concerned about is the forced inputs, it would work alot better if went
controllers vs controllers
M&k vs m&k

Yes i’ve always wanted it


I play on PC with a xbox controller and have no problems. I think the cross play is excellent.

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Sounds really nice having an extra two buttons to work with, and I tried to remap the controls but on a default controller it felt like a plan and I quit playing before I got really used to the rigged together boxer layout since I still had equipment use to work around with, dropping weapons, and a few other things that made it a hassle plus other issues that really drove me away from Infinite

In an ideal world cross-input would also apply in 343 sponsored pro games too. Currently the game is not in a state where it works.

So you don’t play anymore? I got a controller called turtle beach recon i think. It wasnt that expensive. Ive used an elite. Which is over priced garbage for the amount of returns and issues ive had.

I’ve used a fusion pro, which has a good price point but the stick shaft wears out extremely quik, and the sticks themselves seem to be slightly different than originals so the replacement parts dont quite sit right.

Boh of those controllers feature the customize options, 4 paddles, and a few other things. Paddles are hard to not accidentally press, and i only ever used just 1.

This recon controller has actual buttons, in what I’d say very convenient placed. 2 is just enough. You should check it out when you have a chance.

Yes as someone who has a friend who plays on pc and one friend who plays on console i tend to look for multiplayer games that have crossplay enabled when looking for new multiplayer games to play

For everyone saying yes, I’m talking about the “forced” part.

As an option, yea sure it’s fine.

But making it mandatory??


No, I usually switch it off if I have the chance. That said if you’re matched on skill then it shouldn’t matter.

It doesnt bother me, so long as there is no clear (dis)advantage one way or the other.