Did Anyone Actually Want This

I’m so annoyed to see forced cross play as the standard for so many games…

Did any one actually want this?

I’m assuming developers just do this to cut cost and increase profits?

I’m sad to think this is something that’s here to stay…

I hate greedy companies doing stuff like this.


Yeah, I want this, and I always have it on if the game allows it. The only time it’s unfair is when there’s a gameplay disparity between platforms, like how turrets on vehicles handles. But for the most part, I don’t notice it.


It’s not about what we want, and it never will be. If it was, the game would be a hall a lot better off then what 343 produced.


Nope. Never asked for it. Didn’t want it. If I want to play with people on PC, that’s what my gaming PC is for.


Without cross play this game would die. This isn’t Destiny. Players on PC don’t have an advantage over console.


Cross play is what players wanted between consoles, not consoles and PCs.

The only reason I can think of cross play being likeable between console and PC is for PvE modes and custom games.


Didn’t ask.
Don’t mind.
Just wish I could search for 1 or the other sometimes.


When I play I don’t really notice the difference between the two ranked playlists. Apart from in the open playlist it is easier to get a game.

So happy here!

The game is already dead. Nobody cares or asked to play with your platform. Crossplay=consoles only

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MCC allows you to turn it off so maybe Halo Infinite will in the future.

Most people probably don’t even care if it supports crossplay or not.

Forced crossplay is easier. It also allows people who before wouldn’t be able to play together to be able to. Through school it was annoying to be unable to play with friends because they are on PS but you have an Xbox and vice versa. The more this becomes standard, the better things will be.

Granted, ranked should be split into console, pc, and crossplay. Let the try-hards have their pool. But if you complain about this in social, I’m sorry you don’t like your social gamemodes being social.


Cross play is not cheap to implement. So. No.

It is genuinely just an accessibility thing. You’ve got the spirit but you’re using it wrong.


My only complaint with forced crossplay is SWAT. In a mode where you can die instantly at almost any range, differences in input and reaction time make me wish I could search based on input.

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I’m honestly against forced cross play, it should be the players choice if they want to play on either their system or across systems, both have their advantages and disadvantages and that shouldn’t be forced on the player

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I feel like this is what the players asked for since the beginning. No one would complain about something being optional.

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I agree, I wouldn’t have a problem with it at all being optional, especially since a majority of games have it as a option and not a forced setting

Theres a few things the game doesn’t have that really grinds me gears man…like wtf happened to the clench protection option? My god it was so good to have that in the other games…I’ve even seen pro players accidentally scope in during fights or accidentally hit melee if the scope or melee button is RS…

And why isn’t our sensitivity able to go up or down by .1? Why is it .5 ? I hate it man…ive never felt like my sensitivity is exactly where i want it. Its either too slow, or too fast…i mean…my accuracy isnt bad…but other games ive tried allow this. I think even some of the DZ options allow .1 changes…like wtf is up with that…

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So what’s stopping 343i from giving us the option to turn cross play off?

343’s lack of business competence for one.

They like copying their rivals but only in the worst of ways. While most developers would look at the others implementing customizable cross-play and go “Hey, that is a good idea to better appease our fans and maintain a dedicated fanbase which would increase profits!”.

Instead 343 just copies what their competitors do at a surface level.

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