Did 343 recently overhaul Warzone?

Haven’t played Warzone for a little while and when I recently jumped back on, it seems 343 has changed it.
There we no Promethean Bosses, there was a 5 minute time limit per objective and the game basically played like a larger, modified version of Territories; capture the first base, capture the second base, then capture the opposing teams Armory. Game over.
The games went so quick I literally never got past Level 4 Reqs.

Anyone have any insight on this?.. because I hope this isn’t permanent!!

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ok… didn’t catch this before I posted the above but the games I played were a Warzone variant called Warzone Assault… but that’s what launches when you click to play regular Warzone.

Again, anyone know if this is just temporary, I kinda got a bad feeling it isn’t.

Warzone Assault was one of the original modes. My guess would be it’s just in the playlist selection rotation rather than being its own list

yeah that’s all it was… got a little scared for a second thinking 343 was nerfing game-modes in Guardians to push people over to Infinite. :slight_smile:

Halo 5 ‘sunset’ was conducted in around October 2021, they reduced the number of playlists, eliminated any rotating playlist, and put Warzone, Warzone Assault and Warzone Turbo all into one playlist hopper.

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Ahh nice. Haven’t hopped in since hitting 152 last June-ish.

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Warzone Assault is a launch playlist with Halo 5, if you’ve never played it before I’m actually surprised.
When 343i stopped updating Halo 5’s rotational playlist, they combined Warzone and Warzone Assault into one playlist just called Warzone.

And Turbo, as I noted above :slight_smile:

So is this why I keep getting the red screen?

What’s the red screen.


It’s an error code which means you can’t play multiplayer, no matter what you try, or how hard you try

You mean, no matches found?
That’s due to low population.

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No, I mean I try starting my own custom game (alone) and it says an error

What does consolidating playlists have to do with custom game errors?

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I told you I can’t play ANYTHING. If nothing else, I should be able to play custom games alone, right? I know it’s not entirely relevant, but have you tried? Maybe halo 5 was just shut down for a certain sub-set of people

Servers went down for MS last week or the week before sometime.
You should try again, it was temporary.

And playlist consolidation would not have this effect.

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Well you are right, they decided to screw up classic warzone to get people to play infinite, but infinite don’t have and never will have a gamemode as awesome as h5 classic warzone

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