Did 343 really think the community wouldn't discover the radar isn't actually 18 meters?

Or do they just not understand the difference between meters and feet?


What the actual fakku 343! This is disgusting and disgraceful!


I wouldn’t be surprised if they made it 18 feet instead of 18 meters honestly.


Thanks for shining a light on this! I knew Infinite’s radar was useless and this confirms it. Man if 343 just didn’t change things that weren’t broken from past Halos this game would be awesome.

343 change the radar back to what it was in every other Halo game!!!


Tbh, Halo’s radar needs a rethink as a whole.

Have you ever asked yourself, why is the damn thing a circle? The top half of it is pointless information; I can see the people in front of me.

Ultimately, when I think about it. Halo doesn’t need a radar. What it needs are ‘sensors’ along the bottom of the screen that glow red to indicate an enemy is within 2xBacksmack range behind you at or around 4, 6 and 8-o-clock. That’s the only information you really need from radar anyway.


That is one of the things that I have found frustrating about 343. They took things from previous Halo games that nobody was complaining about and changed them just for the sake of changing them.

The radar is just one example of this. Collision is another…

༼ づ ಠ_ಠ ༽づ Summon Collision


nah the radar is good but you just made me rethink it a bit. Im curious how a radar would play where you can actually see people moving in the map, like xray vision but with the range of a radar. the downside is, you cant sense people behind you but maybe it could be more fun that way.

The number one complaint people have about the radar is that it causes the player to look at the corner of their screen too often.

surely in the halos universe they could take radar information and display it on a spartans hud in the real world? Maybe the game should have both the radar and this featture.

Correction, nobody who was pro-Radar complained about it. There were plenty of players who hated the Radar going all the way back to 2001, which stemmed from hardcore gaming before it where Radar wasn’t really a thing.

Personally, I think Radar gives both players equal chance to fight and that shooting someone in the back is cheap. But, I also see how it is seen as a crutch to awareness and teamwork.

The reddit post seems pretty accurate though. Alas, 343i has yet to update anything in their settings since release. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m still honestly fine with the how it is now. I get plenty of use out of it on the 4 vs 4 maps. I admit on BTB matches I usually see the enemies well before they get into range f the motion tracker.

I still feel it’s a crutch. I mean, just play tactic ops it becomes obvious that people have been coddled with the motion track when I out smart them with basic positioning after turning a corner and they’ll just barrel blindly right past me for a back smack in the tactic ops event mode. There’s a severe lack of just awareness to players because of it.

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Sure, there will always be players who don’t want any type of radar.

I think it’s fine the way Halo has chosen to have no radar in the ranked playlists and to have radar in the “social” playlists. Not having radar requires better communication, which is less likely to be possible in the “social” playlists.

343 seems to have decided to take a similar approach with the radar that they did with sprint. They put it in the game to try to appease those who want it, but they make it so weak that it is mostly useless. Thereby, also trying to appease those that don’t want it. Basically a “have your cake and eat it too” approach.

The entire reason it’s called a motion tracker is well… to track motion. So the top half isn’t useless at all, it detects any movement infront, behind, top or bottom of you.

The issue with Infinite’s Motion Tracker is that it only detects sprinting and equipment use. It’s a neutered Motion Tracker only useful for catching people who are rotating positions, not useful for detecting camps, like previous Halo.


The point is, it’s another lie.


It wouldn’t be that far off actually. 18 ft does give 5.4 m (~6 m) and 24 ft would be 7.3 m (~9 m). Not exact, but it’s close.

Lol yeah that’s who you want to do gaming coding, a crowd who can’t tell the difference between imperial and metric.


Not surprising, considering they couldn’t even center that visor thing and other cosmetics so getting a distance right is even tougher. The motion detector is worthless in Infinite. It should have stayed 25m. The motion detector hasn’t helped me at all in Infinite. Another reason to play the far superior MCC.

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Not if they’re behind cover


It’s diameter, not center to end.

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Here^ lies the entire problem with 343 creating Halo. Constantly changing things making things worse than they were before.

Looking at how they ruined Halo Reach in MCC says enough. 343 is at the point of, if it works brake it…


People can be above or below you, and you can’t always see them. Or behind a wall.

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Kinda funny and expensive side note: Lockheed Martin crashed the Mars Climate Orbiter exactly because of this.

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