Did 343 even play Their own Multiplayer before release?

It looks like 343 never even played their multiplayer before they released it. Because if they did, they would realize certain aspects of it are not fun at all.

The Infinite maps are pretty but it seems like that’s all they are. Launch Site, one of the Slayer maps has vehicles spawn on only one side and two different power weapons on either side as well. The map, is not fun. The map has areas that some players never even use. because there is not point. 343 failed to make it fun before it was pretty. That’s what it seems like with all the maps. It seems like looks came first before the idea of fun came in.

And onto BTB, the random choice of vehicle spawns is terrible. The point of Big Team Battle, is for it to feel like a big Battle. It’s more like a large slayer match. Vehicle spawns aren’t fair. One side may get a Scorpion and the other a gungoose. If 343 are actual “fans” of Halo then they would’ve done similar things Bungie did. If it’s not fun, scrap it and restart. There is no excuse for why there is so few maps and lack of fun replayability.


and I wish people would grow some brain cells and realize that the concept of “fun” is subjective yet here we are, buddy.

I’m having a blast, others are having a blast - you obviously don’t and some others also do not - that’s just how it works. can’t please everybody.

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This is what happens when you build around a dumb battle pass. It looks to me that they spent way too much time calculating things as if the devs were just doing what they were told to do instead of being creative.


Interesting, you talk about people growing brains cells yet you are here insulting the OP. Maybe think before making a reply.

Fun may be subject but the player base dropping off says a hell of a lot.


Seems like you’re not smart enough to read or understand I’m not talking about all the maps.

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December numbers say otherwise… A blast to a small amount of people but literally has one of the fastest player drop off rate of any halo…
December 2021
51,889.3 (Players Average)
-50,843.1 (Compared to November)
-49.49% Month over Month