Did 343 copy a little from Section 8 prej?

So does it?

> So does it?

Care to elaborate? What you are asking seems pretty vague.

so does what?

Halo started back in 2001, while TimeGate Studio has a copyright of 2005-2011.

All games have their similarities, so saying one game ripped off another is pointless. Finding an original game, book, or movie these days is next to impossible. There’s always an influence from something else.

Should of been more descriptive, lol sorry. I meant Halo 4’s Dominion mode

Yes 343 did copy from them!! You know why cause Section 8 and 343 copied from Call of Duty as well you know why??? Cause section 8 and Halo 4 both have guns in them!! and everyone knows that COD was the first game ever to have guns so yeah you are right!!! Its all a conspiracy someone copied another game!! ERMAGHERD!!!