Did 343 confirm an anticheat in Infinite PC yet?

Given MCC on PC uses EAC I wonder if they’ll still use it in Infinite.

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Maybe long as its not a DRM im good for battleye or EAC, but will see, im playing it on steam only so no idea there.

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I’m hoping for a dual anti cheat much like fortnite.

They have been quite quiet on this. I wonder if this is the reason why there is not exclusive full screen at launch (just guessing).

There was a slight mention of it in one of the dev diaries.

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2 possible scenarios:

  • There is no anti cheat system in place and they lied (highly unlikely).

-They keep quiet to not give out any details (like Blizzard’s Warden or Valve’s VAC).

There is not much use to talk about anti cheat because except for the hackers, no one cares as long as it’s working and not generating false positives.

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