Diamond Signum not unlocked

I ended up playing Ranked Arena tonight and somehow, I genuinely don’t understand how… I managed to rank Diamond 3. However I didn’t unlocked the Signum Diamond weapon emblem.

I have all previous emblems like Bronze to Platinum but I earned them all before the rank reset. When I got my placement I got the Ranked Rewards screen but it was blank.

So I guess I’m just not going to get this weapon emblem as it’s glitched?

Not sure if it matters but it’s Ranked Arena: crossplay.

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I had the exact same issue happen to me but with lower ranks. After the rank reset I placed higher than before but the rewards screen was just blank and I only have the emblems from the ranks I got before the reset.

I contacted support and they basically said “sucks to suck”

Did you ever get the issue resolved and get your emblem?

I just had this happen to me tonight me and a buddy were grindin up the ranks and i hit diamond and didnt get the reward and ive never hit diamond in my life. RIP, is there a fix? just contacted support but still waiting for a response.

I have not seen any kind of fix for it so far. I’ve googled around and didn’t really find much. Even played a few more ranked games but never even got the rewards tab to open up again. With the new season starting tomorrow I assume its not gonna get fixed and you just wont ever get the emblem.

Did you get a response from support?