Diamond looking for an Arena team

Hey guys im looking for an Arena team that is semi competitive, i am a diamond in both Arena and slayer and im looking for a team. Please have a mic and be able to play most nights :slight_smile:

hit me up dude

Cowabunga ixi

I’m online now always have mic on most nights uk time

If you are consistently looking for people to Play with and Team up, Id suggest joining Patriot Gaming. We are a community that is based around Halo and gives people the opportunity to meet up and create new friends to play with in Arena, WZ, Custons or even create Game Battle Teams. Yall should definitely check it out.

Any question can be message to me on here or on XBOX and Il respond to them whenever I see them.

I’m a diamond player and I am tired of playing 3 v 4s because people quit or playing with people who can’t work together or don’t understand strategy or don’t have mics. I play almost every day and have a mic hit me up

GT: XxDeViOuSx1x