Dialogue: in-combat and horribly written?

Hello all,

I am just wondering if anyone else feels the same was as I do when I say that the dialogue in this game is pretty poor. I’ll start by saying that when playing, there simply isn’t enough dialogue that I hear in-combat. Maybe it’s me not paying attention, but there doesn’t seem to enough in-combat dialogue.

This is mostly from Spartan Ops, as campaign is mostly a one-man-show, but I recall thinking that there isn’t enough “useful intel” given by AI. Marine’s should be yelling things like “Grunts in the open, Elite breaking from cover, Snipers 2 o’clock high!,” etc.

Am I the only one who feels this? I mean, fire up Black Ops and you’ll hear tons of (semi)useful info delivered by the AI around you.

Also, the Palmer/Roland/Miller/Dalton dialogue is really terrible. Just no other word for it really. I don’t have a problem with some light-hearted dialogue, in fact, it’s welcome… sparingly. “Crimson needs new toys, geeks, eggheads” and other similar dialogue ruins the immersion of the experience. I don’t feel like I’m in a real, hostile combat environment if I keep getting “new toys.”

Instead of “Crimson needs new toys” how about “Crimson is in need of heavy ordinance?” You know, dialogue that sounds more… serious.

Anyone else share these sentiments?

Roland is a treasure.

But either than that, yeah it isn’t too good. Odd when the RoosterTeeth Easter eggs provide better dialogue.

It has been my experience that most in-combat dialogue from the AI’s is only semi useful at best from any title that I play. I will say that ‘Spartan Ops’ plays a little less like ‘Halo’ and a little more like ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’. It’s too light-hearted, and there doesn’t seem to be any point to the series yet.

My experience with ‘Spartan Ops’ has been, “Let’s go back to Requiem and shoot crap. Oh look! Some elite we never heard of before… Let’s get him!”