[DG6] Clan Recruiting

I am HALOMAS7ER97, I am currently recruiting members for my [DG6] clan. I am mostly looking for players who are paritularly skilled in Team Slayer and Forging. Send me a message on Xbox LIVE describing what your strongest skills are in slayer. With at least four members other than myself, I will create a special Gametype to accomodate your given skills. So the message must contain the following:

-Primary Skill
-Favored Primary Weapon
-Favored Secondary Weapon (preferably a small-arms weapon)
-Favorite Armor Ability apropriate for your skill.
-Favored grenade(s)

-Sniper Rifle
-Active Camoflauge
-Plasma Grenades

If you are looking to recruit people, it will be much easier to post in the Recruiting Category :3

yo i want to join man

plasma gernade

-Wawanessa (Changing GT soon)
-Frag Grenades

Hello my name is peter i know of a team who need some practice if you have 4 players who would like to play them please message me back thanks.