Dexterity or Explosives?

Which of the two do you prefer and why?

Dexterity. Time is money when using the Storm Rifle.

Explosives. Too many grenade-happy kids out there.

Dexterity. Those little seconds could save your life and can make that much of a difference altogether. I can also place my nades pretty well so i don’t need the extra damage.

Neither both are just boring when they make the game too easy.

Ive really only used explosives for getting the pulse grenade master commendation and as much fun as it is I generally prefer dexterity. You never know when you will need a quick reload.

Dexterity, makes my AR really effective.

i use either depending on the map. i find that in the larger-scale maps of big team, i don’t feel as much rushed pressure to switch weapons and use explosives for that extra bang. in maps where i’m likely to be in more situations where that quick switch for a kill really counts, i definitely use dexterity.

Depends on the weapon, when I use an automatic like an AR then I usually use dexterity. If I’m using a precision weapon like a BR, I use explosives.

Ammo cause I run out of bullets too fast. Though if I had to pick Explosives would be my best bet.

Depends , on BTB i use Ammo because i shoot a lot , and on slayer I use dexterity , besides it makes my AR more effective


Dexterity, because otherwise the Carbine reload is painfully slow.

> Dexterity, makes my AR really effective.

343i should have never allowed AR and suppressor users to use dexterity.

The weapons are already really easy to use and are also too effective for their low skill level. Giving them dexterity makes it even worse.

It’s funny that I do the opposite from most. Lol I use explosives for CQC because of grenade spammers and because I also toss a grenade then spray. I use Dexterity for my BR loadout. Since I’m at a distance when using the BR I don’t need to worry about grenades as much or me throwing them as well. But lately I have been running into some players that really know how to place grenades even from a distance so I have been contemplating using explosives while using the BR. Decisions decisions.

Dexterity, it’s the only armor mod that doesn’t completely ruin the game.

Dexterity for the most part.

Explosives for if:

A.) My opponents are grenade spam happy.
B.) I’m trying to take down vehicles.

I’ll switch between the two on the fly, but mostly stick to Dexterity cause I like the feel of the speed.


Nades are weaker in this game. I’ve been messed up by so many explosive frags. They are really good together. You can always manage your reload carefully and try to do it when no1 is around. I don’t die a lot from trying to reload.

Dexterity, lets me unload BR rounds faster.

Dexterity…I need to reload faster, and pick up weapons faster. Explosives…I’m a sniper class, so im out camping with AC as my AA.