Dewxp problem

When I go to the dewxp site I’m not getting the site with the dashboard and Xbox log in. The only options I have when I log in are log out and a tab that opens up the rules fans and prizes page. Has anyone else had this problem?

im not sure but if people are getting banned for playing the game early im sure mtn dew points will be up on the 6th when the game truely comes out

I had some similar issues using Safari. I had to use Chrome or Firefox. Try a different browser. Also I have already been adding double Exp matches to my account. So once i get the game (on Nov 6th) i can “push” those double Exp games to my Gamertag and they should show up in game.

I’ve added a few codes in. I just have no way to push it to the games. I’m using an ipad 2 and I’ve also tried on my windows phone

I figured out a way to get the right site. If anybody else as trouble you have to get the desktop version of the page all my devices were opening the mobile versions. I downloaded google chrome and opened the dewxp site then go to the tab on the top right and click request desktop version.