DewXP mysteriously added????

Has anyone else recieved DewXP without adding codes?

I recently played a SWAT game and during the after match point add up, it stated I had 27 more matches of Double XP left.

The weird thing is that I currently did not have any DewXP codes applied. I went to my DewXP account and I’m already at the max of 200 matches. The last time I checked, I had only entered 168 at the time. I have no idea where the other 32 codes came from, and it really wasn’t even 32 codes (my Halo 4 screen said 27 matches were left, which means 5 matches are missing for some strange reason).

And no, it stated that no codes were gifted to me at all.

So somehow I got 27 more matches (yet the DewXP sites claims 32 more were redeemed) and my max limit of 200 was reached and I have no idea how or why.

A few days back, were you stuck on the Fallback servers?

If so, I believe that might be the reason, a few others reported the same issue.

wow, wish that can happen to me

it happened to me yesterday itt added three matches and i hadn’t done anything DewXP since the 27th

Somewhat relevant?