DewXp lost??

Okay I took to twitter I search of help waypoint ignored me Microsoft continues to give me mediocre troubleshooting and asking me questions about what the xp cap is and if I have passed it.
1:my issue I lost my double xp it is not showing up anymore why??.
2:I have only earned 4k xp legit today I refuse to play till I solve this problem.
3:how the heck can I directly contact 343??

Also, I had purchased 135 matches of double xp where the hell are they???

I had about 34 double xp matches banked and I stopped receiving the bonus after about 5 games. I never received any “daily xp limit reached” message or anything like that. It stopped working on launch day when the servers were crapping out left and right.

I added another code today for 3 matches so I’ll be interested to see if it works again.

I’ve banked about 50 or so matches, have played a bit of MP, and my balance still hasn’t changed. It still shows I have the same amount of double xp matches left.

i added a bunch more codes and havent recived any of them so if you reach your xp cap for the day also they said “they fixed the token problem” but they didnt your doouble xp tokens still get used 343 didnt plan this promotion out real well

added 36 matches yesterday , they still are not showing on my end of game screen in MM.

So I have the same problem. I entered quite a few codes and ended up with something like 30 games of double xp. It says up in the top of the mt dew double xp site that i have 30 games, however it says I have 0 available and i know i didnt use 30 games. I maybe got a couple double xp games but certainly not 30 and im having trouble trying to apply them to my matchmaking games.

i just reached the cap today and now will i lose my tokens?

YO this SUCKS! Same thing happened to me with 20 matches left… added 9 matches and still nothing! Please help… I feel like I wasted my money… cause I don’t even drink soda :frowning: