DewXp Glitch?

Well I just redeemed roughly about 44 matches today for 2x exp, but my main question is that I played about a good 5+ hours today hitting around 26 matches only leaving a good 15 or such remaining. After the last game I just received no exp, so maybe hit exp cap? and my DewExp matches dropped to 0. So I don’t know if anyone can shed some light on my end, or even how to redeem my matches that I lost…

150,000 is the magic number for the credit cap

I know that magic number is that high, but what would happen to my 2x exp matches that dropped to down to zero…will they recover from the next day?

No, capped or not, your double xp is gone, sorry

Le crap so is there any known reason for it to glitch like that?

> Le crap so is there any known reason for it to glitch like that?

It’s not a glitch, it’s designed that way. Hence you getting to choose how many to APPLY each time. So now you’ve learned like the rest of us, to plan out how many you’re going to use and keep track of how much XP you’ve earned. Welcome to life, it’s all about trial and error, I lost games as well. Not a big deal if you think about it.

Now the XP cap was raised this week, to what? No idea, haven’t tested it yet. Not sure I care to anymore either. With the dew xp almost gone, the whole cap will not matter to me anymore.

Now if you lost games like I did due to disconnects and the game lobby timing out…then you can be pissed. But meh…do some extra challenges and you’ll be fine.

Well I learned about the system a bit more haha! It was my first time with that much to be experiencing of…so yeah thanks again to everyone!