Dew XP + Daily XP cap = WAsted Tokens

I have contacted dewexp and xbox support, and it appears I have a new issue. After hitting the daily XP cap for halo 4, I kept playing multiplayer. I had roughly 60 games of double xp left after I hit the daily limit. Today when I finished a game it said I only have 9 games of double xp left. It looks like even after you stop gaining xp it is still using the double xp tokens every game. I am making this forum post so this issue will be noticed, if you are having this issue, or know anyone, please comment on this post.

This is copied from my actual xbox support forum here:

Thanks for the heads up, but did you really not notice that you were losing tokens still? It tells you how many you have left after every match

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You must be one fat -Yoink-.

Yep same problem, Why is it being capped when others that did not have the double XP not be capped? Does not make any sense what so ever just because one person got to point A faster than the other because they used what was available? I started same time as another, and they’re not getting capped but I am? Bs.

I did not notice because the box that pops up telling you how many double xp games left stopped appearing after I hit the cap.

do u lose points only in mp or any mode?

Where do you see your daily cap?

You won’t see it until you reach it. It will say that you reached your online xp cap.

hit the cap AGAIN today…

you cant “see” the cap until you hit it, yesterday a lot of us hit it at SR 24 and now i just hit at SR 32…

this is sooooo frustrating

Even though I’ve played a couple of matches, it still says I have the same amount of double xp matches on

How odd is that?

same issue 30 somthing double xp games missing

I think thats there to show you how much exp that you collect, not how much you have left. Mine says i have 90 exp yet i have no exp left.