Dew/Doritos Double XP problem!

I am not sure why but for some reason i can not get the double xp to work. it used to, and i got my double xp. but now i am not getting any double xp after games. on the website ( it says i applied them and it says -7 and -1 games. but i did not get the double xp after games and it also did not say a double xp token was used. so now i don’t know if i have either, lost 8 games of double xp, or there is just an issue with the xp going through to my account?
I am a very big halo fan and have been for ever! i love halo 4 and i am just very disappointed and frustrated with the problem i am having!
So pleas 343, or someone who has had or has this problem, and knows how to correct/fix it please it would be greatly appreciated if you could help me!
Thank you.

I have had the same problem and have sent a complaint to Mountain Dew. If you would also like to lodge a complaint here is the website:

Ok thanks, I don’t think that they will reply. I have already complained once so i mean my next step is to actually call xbox and get them to fix it. To be honest this stupid issue has really gotten’ me mad at xbox and Mountain Dew. If they are gonna make a promotion make it right, but it seems they cant even do that correctly

Did you make sure you logged in both to the site and your xbox live account?

I use the US site and I had a similar problem. this is what i did. Log in to your XP account then log in your GT in the xbl green log in tab. When I did this it did not show my GT was logged in. Nor would it let me use my double xp. Click the top center white Double XP tab. This seams to refresh. Then scroll down to login at center of page. After I did this my GT was logged in, and was able to aply or gift my Double XP.

If i am not mistaking, the Double XP is or should i say, it was only good till November 19th.

The double xp promotion is good until January 31, 2013. I have received an email from Pepsico and they said that the problem is now fixed but they did not offer to replace the matches I already used.

Also, when I called xbox, they said that there was nothing they could dod and that it was a problem with whoever set-up the website.

Yeah I’ve had this problem for almost two weeks now… And they’ve been telling me “it’s fixed” from day one… -.-

I lost 21 tokens yesterday when the servers went offline.