dew codes

Were are the codes on the 12 packs of mountain dew? thanks :slight_smile:

The inside of the box, near the middle.

> The inside of the box, near the middle.

This. I haven’t seen any game fuel out yet though…whereabouts are you, OP?

Thanks, and Missouri, North west side :slight_smile:

i remember during reaches stuff i could only find the Doritos and never saw any dew and this time i am not even seeing Doritos :frowning:

Ha what a coincident! I just bought a 12 pack of halo 4 gamefuel. You have to open it up, and its inside near the middle. I will be honest, it hast to be the best Mt. Dew I have had in a while. You’ll know when you taste it! :wink:

Edit: Also, I have not seen any halo 4 Dorritos yet either. So sad.