Devs need to stop designing MP around certain mindsets

What I mean by this is, Developers design their Multiplayer around Team Play with its extremely high TTK that encourages Team Shooting, nobody ever does that, not in my entire career in Halo MP (and other MP games) I have never been in a team that teamshots. Developers design Game Modes for Teamplay, nobody plays the freaking Objectives and play them like it’s Slayer and crap. Since Halo Infinite’s MP released up to last night, I have never done across a team that actually plays the objective and I ALWAYS on the losing team. When I successfully get the Oddball, NOBODY comes to my aid and helps me, when I have the Flag, NOBODY comes to my defense when running the flag and always get killed.

Game Developers need to stop designing their games for the Teamplay mindset cause it does not exist, AT ALL. MP Games need to be designer around Solo Play. That way when people play as a team (which is rare) then cool, but if nobody plays as a team, no problem, you can do 1v2 or 1v3s etc. and make it easy to do that with a lower TTK. Infinite’s TTK Is WAY too high.

You should try using LFGs to find people to play with. Playing with people is way better than a solo experience, and even when I’m playing solo, I really haven’t ran into this issue too much. I play the obj and frag and it has decent results. That’s just from my experience thus far.

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I’m just happy there’s a solo/ duo mode so you’re not going against 4 stacks calling out.

The ttk in this game is so slow that you have to hold hands, just play around your team more. A slayer only mode would be awesome.