Developer marketing how 343i could improve

So this weekend MLG Dallas took place including Halo 4 MLG also had Fighters, Starcraft 2 and League of Legends. Last month Riot released an infographic stating that LoL has 70 million accounts with 32 million monthly active players. Last season they also committed a 5 million prize pool. Now let me state that I would never expect 343i to take this route but let me show you what I believe the best thing a developer could do to support/promote their game.

Now since this money can be considered one giant marketing budget that has been invested they’ve taken a great approach to promote it. After seeing LoL do such a great at promoting the events and a year of the Starcraft community asking for this implementation Blizzard has also improved to do this within their client.

The last three times I have gone to play halo reach I have got a message promoting the forward onto dawn videos. I see this as such a great way to not inconvenience the player base but to promote things since it only ever appears once. Now I don’t know if 343i committed money to the prize pool or anything but they have spent a lot of human resources to work on the playlists with MLG, giving them early release access to the game and sent a few staff over to the event. I know this is way less than a video series budget but nonetheless should be promoted. Besides the halo twitter and forum which will never reach a whole games player base especially for a console game.

I do doubt that there is currently a person playing Halo Reach still that is not going to be buying a copy of Halo 4 but this event had such a potential to create a good amount of hype enough to just get people talking to their friends and telling them to check out the game play.

So basically in game ads in other games?

That sounds good.

> So basically in game ads in other games?
> That sounds good.

Each game has their own stream so they just provide a link to their own games content.