Developer communication

They backed themselves into this corner and now they’re scrambling hard to bandaid the stab wounds inflicted by their own incompetence; or maybe they’re still on vacation while Halo Lite bleeds out; or not fully aware, so “Here’s another $20 micros-transaction, shut up, purchase, and shut up.”

They had no business dabbling with open-world and F2P ideas for a major installment in the series. This is their third strike! Have they not learned from their past games that their wild, half-baked ideas often divide their fanbase? I suppose not, because with each game it seems like it’s a new 343 at bat!

I’d demand for their head but they probably offed it themselves and are now running around aimlessly trying to resell it for $19.99; then flail around some more until the last bit of life in Halo Lite dies out!


The community wants communication that involves solutions to problems and responses to feedback. 343 has not yet done this at all since launch.

The response we got from Sketch was essentially “I’m sorry you are upset, it’s hard on us right now but we’re trying, servers cost money”.

Threads like this make no sense.


When 90% of the community that cares enough to give feedback tells you to change something, you should probably do it. And yet the game still lacks player collision with teammates and enemy collision is still messed up.

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I really am surprised they’ve been silent on this. They’re just pretending 90% of their players have nothing to say of importance to them. Continues to demonstrate contempt for their playerbase.

If you can’t fathom why longterm Halo fans would be anti-343i.

343i had the Halo Series for 10 years.

Halo 4 happened and failed colossally
Halo 5 Happened and failed
Halo MCC: Launched abysmally and 2 years in they contracted people to fix it.

Do you think the Halo community didn’t try to communicate properly?


This may have become their corporate culture.
Over the years, there have been several changes at the leadership of 343, but we still get the same thing.
343 Unlike dice today, they don’t have a huge staff turnover and intern problem.
I can only think that Microsoft has been too tolerant of them, allowing them to have such a corporate culture.


The problem is the top brass at 343, where there has been no real change in 10 years. I can’t fathom how some of those folks still hold their positions, except either they are buddy buddy with the right people at MS, or they are very skilled at creating scapegoats and fall guys.


They’re just aiming for the fornite kids and their parents money. The ten year plan doesn’t concern Halo veterans. They aren’t stupid, they got the $$ eyes.


I don’t know, man.
What we can know is that the internal core of 343 is basically old bungie employee who wants to continue
do halo and the people who were in the xbox department very early.
I have to assume that their technical ability is enough, but their work over the years ,low work productivity has never changed.
And no matter who changes at the leader, they will always make mistakes.
The underlying employee with high liquidity is innocent, but their middle and high levels are really disappointing, and they are all kinds of high-quality old employees seem to Know more about halo better than me and you, but they always screw up.
They are either too arrogant, or they are as bad as the rumor goes, they are digging holes and fighting among themselves to affect the schedule, in short, their corporate culture is bad enough.
This time around, Joseph, who already has a high position at Microsoft, is back to help 343, or the campaign could be even worse.
They seem to be the safest studio in xbox, as long as halo exists.
This is desperate.

They’re stupid precisely because they got the $$ eyes. They aren’t going to get the fortnite kids and their parents money when they bleed out 95% of their playerbase in 6 months due to laziness/greed/mismanagement/contempt for their players.

I don’t think it’s true that they did not have a plan for post-launch. It’s actually pretty obvious they did - we heard on when Forge and Co-op were coming. We had the extension of the Season 1 duration. However that plan in all certainty did not contain bugfixes for BTB (which seemd to run fine up until launch) or an overall progression system that’s not tied to the BP.

We can arguably state that many of those things should have been part of their plan from the get go or been there on launch day. Basically they had a plan and large parts of it will now have had to be thrown into the bin and need to be replaced.

I think they have a plan too.
We just had no idea how few will be in the game and how many things are broken atm.

I think everyone at 343 Studios are very smart and intelligent people. I have no doubt they have multiple S-tier developers that other companies would love to have on their team.

I agree with you that they have a plan, I just think our love for the game won’t allow us to acknowledge what the plan is. Outside of the current level of customer disapproval, I think Halo: Infinite is performing as intended and going according to plan. I didn’t include BTB as unplanned event because fixing bugs/errors are always a part of the plan and shouldn’t be used to explain away all inaction by the studio. Also, that plan could likely be completely out of the control of the developers on the ground floor. They are just the ones in charged of being the face of the plan. So I don’t understand the direct focus fire towards them instead of the organization as a whole.

You are suggesting that because they’ve received some toxicity it merits ignoring the entire community.

I suggest that if they were to instead ignore the toxic and engage with the respectful then people would learn that being respectful will more likely garner a response, and the toxicity will begin to subside.


The thing to keep in mind with this (although I understand the frustration) is that there isn’t a hivemind in the community. Different people are going to tear Ske7ch a new one and others are going to ask for more communication. They aren’t always the same people.

Like I said, I get your frustration with this. But ultimately people sharing constructive criticism is a good thing. We all want to see Halo progress and grow. We can agree that nothing is perfect, not even Infinite.