Dethroned - 4v4 Slayer / Oddball / KOTH map available for download now!

“Dethroned” is the spiritual successor to my Halo 5 1v1 map Throne of Blood. Battle for the throne in a crumbling cathedral with 2-8 players. You can check out info about the map and images at the links below:

Download the map HERE:

The map has been scaled up from its predecessor and has been iterated on dramatically in order to make it suitable for 4v4. It was designed around Slayer, but Oddball is also quite fun due to the many ways you can rotate around the map via the courtyard teleporter lift. Strongholds and KOTH are also set up and bots are fully supported.

Feel free to let me know if you have feedback on it, otherwise please enjoy! I’m quite proud of this one so I’m posting it wherever I can.

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