Details about Forge Island's Water

Many of us forgers were excited about Forge island’s water being accessible. I was at first a little depressed at how shallow the kill barrier was (you could completely submerge your spartan in Reach), but I was happy to have the map, so I decided toy around to make some lemonade out of that little lemon.

Here is some interesting information I found about the water:

-The water level is at coordinate Z -70.1 (that’s negative)

-The safe walk dept is waist level, or approximately 0.3 below the water level (Z-70.4)

-When driven, certain vehicle can survive (or die) at different depths.

  • Mongoose : Dies at Z -70.3, the same as a crouched spartan
  • Warthog : Dies at Z -70.4
  • Ghost : Dies at approximately Z -70.45, but you must lower the object yourself to find the sweet spot
  • Scorpion : Dies at Z -70.7
  • Wraith : Dies at Z -70.7
  • Mantis : Dies at Z -71.2!!!
  • Banshie : NA

-Most vehicles die rather shallow without a driver, excluding the mantis.

After finding this out, an idea came to me. Knowing these numbers, it is possible to make a map on water that all vehicles (save the mongoose and warthog) can travel safely, but if a player walks on it, they die. Just set the grid (invisible under water) as the floor with colosseum walls if more space is needed, and you have a field to do any vehicle based water map.

Pirates, anyone?

This also opens up mini-game ideas. Make areas where Spartans can walk but a mongoose driver can’t drive?

Hope this information helps other forgers!!! Have Fun!