Desynchronization and Download

Hello, I would like to report two issues I had with Halo Wars 2. Both started after the update that brought Arbiter and Jerome as leaders.
First in multiplayer. Whenever I entered a match, the moment I went into combat, I was unsynchronized from the game, returning to the menu. This happened in all game modes (deathmatch, blitz, etc).
The second has to do with downloading the game. After the previously mentioned problem, I uninstalled Halo Wars 2 to install it again. But whenever the download starts, an error occurs and the download fails (error number: 0x80070570). The strange thing is that, all other games are downloaded and updated normally, but Halo Wars 2 does not
Is there anything that can be done? Or should I contact Xbox Support?
My gamertag is “Albertossauros” and I play in the region of Brazil.

Thanks in advance for any help.