Desync is a major issue - Please help me bring awareness to it!

So, it seems that 343i doesn’t want to publicly address that desync (or something else) is an issue in Infinite’s multiplayer. It’s there for me in nearly every game. Sometimes it’s tolerable and barely there which makes for an ok game. Other times I’m shot through corners, auto-aim doesn’t work at all, I get killed where I’m not at, teleported back to prior positions, get a ghost-like character stutter as if there’s two or three of me, visually watch shots flare shields and not deal damage in theater and game captures, rockets are the most inconsistent effing thing I’ve ever seen along with the skewer, and so on.

Please help me bring awareness to this problem by chiming in with your experiences. Please. I want to like this game. I hate it more every passing day. It needs to be fixed or whatever the problem is rooted out and found.

For those that would like to question if it’s my internet, know that I run with a network monitor on all the time. There are no lag spikes ever detected, I’m hooked straight into my modem, and I have a high tier of Comcast broadband service. However, the game does put me into 200ms ping matches sometimes, likely in another country, where my shots take about a full second to register. Whoever allowed that needs to get punched in the face for all the frustration they’ve caused myself and others.

My Setup:

Halo Edition Xbox Series X
Wired Controller
Wired Connection [Upload: 16Mbps, Download: 657Mbps, Packet Loss: 0%, Latency: 60ms]
ISP: Comcast
Location: US - Florida
TV: Samsung QN55Q90

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Good luck on getting the word out but they aren’t gonna listen until some big YouTuber points it out which barely anyone has plus it took them 5 whole years to fix H3 Desync on mcc


everyone is aware of it, everyone has talked about it… but 343 doesn’t care. they wont care for another, mmmm, 5 years. this game will be a 10 year long live service afterall. so they gotta keep whatever they have to make here and there updates to seem like they know what they’re doing


Desync is the biggest issues in this game right now, but everbody is crying about Microtransaction, Progression and customization.
I have reported the desync issues and you all should wrote a support ticket es well.
Push ! Best Thread !


Same here, yeah. I played 7 games of ranked yesterday, and only in 1 of them did my bullets track properly, I didn’t die behind cover, or get shot by people who weren’t there. I’d say it’s 50/50 in other playlists, but the server desync is so bad for me in ranked that it’s nearly unplayable.


Years ago, with MCC, and then Halo 5, I saw matches where it looked like everyone ran into a wall. But it was only on my end. With a very vocal community, at the time, it was found to be a problem with the ISP (Time Warner). It was eventually corrected. Maybe this is what you are experiencing?

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Somebody mentioned on reddit that even though desync is a huge problem, theres a memory leak which is causing their games to ctd with no error message randomly within in an hour on pc
So this needs to be addressed first lol, then desync.
Then theres the servers.


If you look into all the lists of things that need to be fixed you will see the technical issues near or at the top in almost all of them. This includes BTB not working and desync. I’m pretty sure they’re aware of both those things, even if they only reacted to BTB so far.

So far I’d say: awareness isn’t the issue. I’m sure they know about it. As for crashes: at least with games from the Windows Store they will get the crash logs delivered by the store (don’t know with Steam but I’d assume they have something similar in place).

All in all I’m pretty sure that everyone by now knows what the issues are. They get repeated here, on Reddit and Twitter multiple times each day. Now we wait for their next communications update which will hopefully arrive soon (I would have expected it to land this week given that many at 343 are back from vacation this week but so far I’ve been disappointed).

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Desync is the real enemy here, it is making our point at everything else besides Desync.
If they can fix this I am sure this will remove 80% of the problem online.


same here, besides dying around corners all the time the most frustrating thing for me is not able to use melee because every single time I lose melee duel even if I start shooting/punching first

ping around 20/30 and I’m from EU

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Is this desync?

Yea, the player is shooting at the enemy model, but on the enemy client side they are no longer in that exact spot, hence nothing regs.

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I had this issue to the point where every game was unplayable. Are you on Windows 11? I cannot say for sure, but updating my bios on my motherboard to the latest beta bios designed for Windows 11 seemed to be what fixed it for me. Though it could have been any one of the many uninstall and reinstall as well.

With that said, I still see general game lag beyond what I would consider expected behavior. I think this has caused some confusion around terminology and what desync is, as I experienced it, made every game completely unplayable. Shots showed as registering, but were not at all and at times I would teleport.

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Up until yesterday I hadn’t encountered much in the way of desync issues, the odd kill where I or the other person had made it into cover but still somehow got hit a few times but rarely.

Then yesterday I had major issues for several games and it made the game pretty much unplayable, it reminded me of my worst experiences when gaming on dial up back in the day.


I was leaving that door open and is why I mentioned who I have as an ISP. Though, I doubt everyone is using them considering how widespread it seems to be.

I would imagine it’s a lofty fail to fess up to and that the preferred method may be to stealth fix it if possible rather than talk about it. That’s just a guess and is probably off the mark.

I just know that as a consumer I am pissed that there’s been next to no communication on it to validate my frustrations and know they are at least aware of it and working on the issue.

I’m experiencing the exact opposite of that.

I’m no longer where enemies are shooting, but still dying as if I am, despite it being physically impossible for a 3 round burst to pierce 10ft of concrete.

In fact, I recently had a game where I was camped behind a pillar for a few seconds, shields gone and one shot, and headshot THROUGH the pillar. When I died, my body dropped like 3ft into the wide open as if that’s where I was.

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Same experience basically. It’s monumentally worse in the Quickplay style gametypes vs BtB or Ranked. Tactical Slayer seems to be pretty good for me though, when I’m not put into a 100-200+ms ping game that is.

I have an Xbox Series X, so I’m unsure if it’s software related to the console, the console, or whatever else. I just know CoD, BF1, and even Fallout 76 play much better than this.

I get this most games and I don’t know why. When it goes away, or gives it to the entire enemy team, I can work miracles and land most shots. The inconsistency is infuriating.

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Yup just like the store, they gave us 10 of the 60 default colors from Halo 5 and are slowly drip feeding us those other 50. And they have already started their method of reselling them to us more than once. Scarlet wake red, was rebundled and resold as Scarlet skies for the Reach core.

And than as Scarlet Empress for the Yoroi core. For real they are trying to stretch being able to sell us 50 default colors for the next 10 yrs, locking a coating to a core or weapon… Seriously guess they don’t have the creativity to last 10 yrs with coating content.

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