Desync from servers worse than before update

Ping: 25ms.
Internet: wired fiber.
Nat: open

Since the update, I am experiencing desync from the servers much more frequently. This has resulted in multiple removals from the game world and a negative affect on my rankings.

Basically, if I wanted to play a game that had this many issues, I’d play destiny.

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What region are you in?

I never check my ping, but I’ve had zero issues the last two nights in BTB and ranked. I’m in UK.

Saying that I’ve had next to no desync since launch so I’m not sure why I’m being so lucky.

Northeast USA. should have no trouble finding a match.

Funny part: when I geofilter, all the problems go away. Gee. Wonder why.

Well, all the problems except game crashes.

I also have wired fiber and am experiencing desync far worse then I did before.

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