Desync fix when?

Title pretty much says it all. has anybody heard at least a rough estimate? Or will it be fixed in like season 15?


I highly doubt they’ll get this done anytime soon. It’s not one of those things you can just snap your fingers to make it disappear.


I get that but I mean 8 months should have been plenty of time by now. But then again 343 has never had their priorates in order.

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You’d think a fellow code monkey would have sympathy for how complicated some of these issues can be.

I imagine it’s a nightmare for 343. How to find the problem and fix it - all at the same time as making sure nothing upsets the development of Forge and Project Tatanka.

I suspect they have fixed some of the desync issues. Have we seen examples of de-sync happening at any of the recent LAN tournaments?

Others, such as those ingrained with Xbox One compatibility may be a bridge too far and easier to ride out (as the systems become less and less used in the next year or so).

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Step One - Make the game sort players based not by skill, but by what model of system they play on. Xbox One and Series S players get to play together while Series X and PC players play together.

Step Two - Hire a contractor company to fix the servers and the game’s code that allows server connection.

Allowing people to set location where they want to find matches from before dealing with SBMM would probably help loads too. People being forced to play on servers not near them is probably where bulk of the problem is.


My aussie friends have issues when trying to play Infinite with me . . . oddly enough those issues mostly happen in custom games and not matchmaking.

First steps towards fixing it are probably in November 2024.


Even that seems a little too soon for 343 I am thinking 2030.


As I recall 343 recently said that they didn’t have anyone working on it because they were working on other things instead.

Yep. But I think the context was that desync has a complex cause and that those things had to be fixed first as part of the over all remedy.

Let’s face it when Power Washer Simulator has more players than Infinite………we’ll you do the Math !

Fixing Desync requires not playing on dedicated servers and instead playing on a hosted server that hosts on one of the players’ machines. That is what old games did, but dont do anymore, so probably never fully fixed.

AS long as the current brass run 343 you can expect this to most likely never be fixed.


Improvements to desync will be small updates here and there. The chance of of getting a large update to fix the issue is extremely unlikely anytime soon. Maybe end of 2023 timeframe at best.

There are barely 2000 people playing on Steam today. A real executive would try to stop the bleeding so that they don’t “bleed” away the player base, but at this point there really isn’t even a player base.

You have Farm Simulator 2021 with 15,000 people playing while Halo has barely 2000. Not good man. NOt good.

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Trust me Joe Staten is doing everything he can to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately he arrived on scene too late and there is a long road of development left.

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Joe Staton is simply the face of the decisions being made by the brass. The problems at 343 go to the absolute top. You say their name though and you are banned.

Joe is over story that’s it. Story isn’t the problem it is the under the hood and content issues.


Wrong. Joe is leading the direction of Infinite as a whole now.

Again wrong, Joe is involved over the entire project including multiplayer.

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