Desync/Bug (potentially) Costing $125,000

In the Eunited vs Faze Clan match, player Snip3down fired a rocket shot in the match which dealt no damage.

How ridiculous.

This is a tournament with MONEY on the line and the game can’t even function to have damage be properly dealt.

343 needs to prioritizing connectivity and bug fixes because they happen ALL too frequently. A professional setting and the game can’t work.


I saw that -Yoink!- today. I know snip3down was pissed.


The game has no professional integrity in this state. Bugs, lag, and desync are beyond pervasive in a way that it should not even be deemed fair to play with money on the line.

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Hopefully that gets clipped and circulated. I’d like to see it.


https://youtu. be/LbkcaCIojGo

Connect the space in the middle


Just watched. Not the first time and won’t be the last time. It’s happened to me too.

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I think its happened to everyone whose played this game. Thats why so little still do.


I was in the training mode when it happened. Offline! Literally, playing local and the rocket simply disappeared.


Its like you hit 21 in blackjack, but then the dealer decides to crumple up your ace in his hand and say it doesn’t count.


In all seriousness, the HCS should be suspended until this type of stuff is fixed.

All credibility of any tournament played in infinite is out the window.

It’s not fair to the professional players to put all this time into playing a game that’s buggy and have a bug cost them a potential pay check.

I’m sure snipedown is having some very VERY keen words with HCS management staff and 343 behind closed doors.


I want to criticise the voiceover, because stuff like this happens so often it feels normal. Like there is some hidden RNG dice roll every time.


There’s always much going on behind closed doors, but for something to in our face to happen is super challenging. I know he’s had choice words and is one of the premiere streamer for Halo Infinite, but I’m not sure all that much will come from it without a major overhaul of the game.

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There were some really bad melee glitches going on too, including some broken sword lunges that just sent people flying and not landing the swing. The sword is so wonky in this game because of the melee inconsistency.


But yeah… at least the guy responsible for making sure rockets work has a GREAT work/life balance. :slight_smile:


But that’s what I’m kinda calling for.

If out experiences as a casual player is poor, they can say it’s a free game, and 343 can ignore our outrage.

But when it’s professionals trying to earn a living and are promoting the game. When they have issues, that’s the kinda thing that damages 343’s credibility as a game developer.

Imagine the fallout if optic tomorrow came out and said “the team is no longer participating in HCS due to the continued stability issues of the game”

It won’t happen mind you. But 343 wouldn’t be able to run from that publicly and have to do something


It seems just outright not professional for them to be playing under these conditions. It doesn’t feel good to play or watch something be broken and people lose to glitches.

I hear you totally on this and it’s going to be a topic of discussion for time to come until it’s fixed/ patched up.

From my point of view running tournaments on this game is a mistake in the first place - couldn’t believe they were running HCS like within weeks of multiplayer going live.

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Does anybody sometimes feel that the aim assist is really strong and then other games there is none?

But yeah I’ve had a few dodgy rockets!

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I love it. They are experiencing the same pain that the other 99.9% of the playerbase in matchmaking have to endure.