Desync and Region lock attention


343 need to address the desync issue and lack of region lock/selection. This needs to be acknowledged and fixed ASAP. (if it has been acknowledged, excuse my ignorance)

I play Ranked near exclusively outside of participating in Events. I am new to the Halo franchise but not new to AFPS/FPS games and Halo Infinite has some of the worst desync I have experienced of any game in recent memory, Gunz being the absolute worst I can think and that was in 2003.

When this game favours me, gives me 25 ping and a match with minimal desync issues it is absolutely fantastic and a breathe of fresh air, unfortunately many of my matches suffer from horrible desync even if I’m put in a lobby with 25 ping. The desync in my experience isn’t even relevant to your ping half the time.
I would assume this is the same for all of us here.

Here are some things I’ve been on the receiving end of and also observed happening that “favours” me in game -

Melee leaps.
Meleeing an enemy, who then melees you and then they are able to melee/shoot you before you can resulting in a death.

Phantom/invisible nades.

Dying to what appears to be a burst from a BR in one shot.

Running around a corner and 3 seconds later you die, a lot of the time you see the bullets coming through the wall, on occasion I have fired a burst into an enemy running around a corner and seconds later I get the kill.

Putting 4-5 bursts into someone with downed shields only for them to turn around and kill you.

There are videos showing how bad the desync can be too.

These are only some of things I have experienced and I’m sure there are more but seriously, it is Hell trying to climb the Ranks as it is but it is not fun nor a learning curve losing when you literally cannot win a match due to desync, it is out of the players control at that point. I’ve had matches with Onyx 1800s on my team going 10-20, meanwhile the Platinum 4 on the other team is pumping out 30 odd kills despite the clear indication that the P4s movement and map awareness is not very good but the desync issues just so happened to be on their side.

Can we get these 2 things addressed please? This game is extremely fun but these 2 issues are killing the experience for literally every single player.


The desync in Infinite is one of the worst that I have seen in many years, in over 15 years of playing FPS games. Even low budget free to play fps games on PC that I have played aren’t this bad. My aim doesn’t change from game to game, I try to hit the enemy with every BR burst but in the post game lobby I really see how bad the desync is when I see my shot accuracy is low. I check theater to see why it is so low and what I saw on my screen in-game vs the server. My shots were half a second behind. On my client I was on target but on the server I was shooting the air and only half of my burts hitting. I have also noticed in some games I get hit markers but when a teammate finishes off the kill I get no assist, the game needs a lot of work.


Desync and high ping servers is my main reason for not playing, even though I really want to.

I seen Postums this morning (Sure it was him) say on Twitter they were looking into Desync issues so hopefully they’ve got it pinned and fixed asap.


Not having region selection for matchmaking makes ranked games feel pointless.

This is supposed to fair and balanced ranked match, and the game is placing me on a server which is on the other side of the ocean. To play against people who have a massive ping advantage.

What is the point even playing ranked games where you are in disadvantage because of the global matchmaking?


Networking issues being looked into is something that we’ve heard from 343. This does include the desync as well as other stuff. As for when they’re going to nail it down - who knows - hopefully soon.

As for region selection I don’t think I’ve seen any official mention of that so far.


Dsync is terrible in this game… Should be fixed asap.

Ping… Well 100ms ping sucks but its ok when the other team is like 70,80,90,100ms ping too, the real problem is when in the other side you have players with 10,20ms ping.
I want see ping of the 8 players in the game like Battlefield,
not just mine


Well that’s a start, hopefully they fix it sooner rather than later.

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I agree with you.

I mean, I’d rather wait a while longer to get a lobby than get a lobby instantly. Especially in Ranked.
I’ve been put into lobbies where I am on 230ms and cannot hit anything only for the next match to be put into a 25ms lobby on my end versing the same 2/3 players who slapped me previously and now I’m the one slaying them easily. It’s unfair on everyone and makes the Ranked playlist especially a game of sheer luck and not skill. Let’s hope they do something about this.

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Is desync the reason why I sometimes get ‘From the Grave’ melee kills?

Yes most likely, melee seems to be the thing people notice the most and blame it on the melee mechanics, while I’m not going to argue whether melee needs adjustment or not, I feel like desync is the main reason why the melee seems so unreliable. I was playing on livewire earlier and an enemy an myself leaped back to avoid each other as he was in the air he melee’d a fair distance away, I killed him and ran off the top of mid halfway off the ground near scoreboard before dying to his melee attack lol


The desync is abysmal, even with the out of region servers blocked and a low ping.

The other day i got a triple kill on some guys and i didnt even see one of them… That was with the BR too so not nade spam.

It was nice to see it in my favour for once, but im almost certain i would have been reported for it. I even stood in shock myself and shook the camera.

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It’s gotten worse these past few days. It’s a shame, it’s especially evident when you jump into other FPS games and you don’t experience any of these issues. Even MW in 2019 which was notoriously bad with pack burst & loss didn’t have the same issue that desync is causing. It hardly even matters if it is in a 25ms lobby or a 250ms lobby, the desync just makes everything so off.


agree 1000000% with everything called out in this post. The desync is terrible! Needs sorting so badly! The ping makes little difference when the desync is so bad.
Give us region select.
Give us full crossplay option.
oh and give us ranked slayer playlist!!


My ranked solo/duo playlist is unplayable with server lag. Which is weird because crossplay does not give me anywhere near as much issue

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I fully agree with you brother on every point you have written.

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I’m getting really bored of playing all my ranked arena games on 100+ping… I live in the UK not North America, not Canada and most certainly not Australia. You’ve got a big problem when your pulling in players from America, the UK and Australia all in the same lobby on the same team, for a 4v4 game mode. This is a main reason why a lot of games lose players due to DC or quitting because the ping makes the match unplayable. Not surprised why a lot of players are abandoning this game for other FPS titles right now.


The weird thing is I usually get good ping 20-50 usually 20avg and still experience terrible Desync.

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still terrible desync issues for me… I can’t believe this hasn’t been addressed. I have gigabit internet and no issues with other games.


Desync makes the game unplayable. We need to all submit support tickets and start flooding the forums with more post about this issue. Now that BTB is fixed there is zero excuse not to focus on this issue next.


Desync makes ranked unplayable for me, feels like I am shooting blank shots at enemies and then getting shot around corners. The number of times I Iose easy gunfights when my bullets decide not to register even on a wired connection with low ping.