Desync and Network Problems need to be number one priority imo

Would love playing Halo Infinite even in the barebones state its in if the game wasn’t lagging about every 10 seconds. Network problems and desync are the number one thing killing the game for me. Id be more willing to wait patiently for more content to be added if the game felt good to play (which without those issues it would).


Honestly, same. I can live with a content drought if the game is playable enough to enjoy, but the experience is almost consistently interrupted by the lack of quality in the netcode.


Anyone else noticing jitter in games and lag even at low ping? I feel like it happens more frequent now, I don’t experience any big lags but it’s enough to where it always feel like I’m a second or two behind the eight ball if you know what I mean. Not sue if this is networking issues or if its due to playing against people who are on better setups than me, Im on a series X but I know people playing on gaming PCs are pushing much better FPS than I am.


You are not alone, in gunfights I have to get a burst off a full second before the enemy to win gunfights even on low ping otherwise they kill me while being one shot. I also had interactions where I clearly killed the enemy first but we trade BR kills.


Facts I’d rather wait until next year to get co op campaign and new maps. It doesn’t matter what content gets added if the foundation of the game is still broken.

If they can fix the servers, desync, jittering etc… before the holiday season, they’ll be more likely to retain new players from December onward.

Just need forge and a working game to kick things off for us, There’s a thousand people sitting around waiting to build all kinds of things in forge for the community.


Desync is going to be the number one factor for people returning to Infinite.

They can add all the content in the world… But until they address desync nobody is reinstalling the game.


This is one of the most practical and absolutely the most relevant post I’ve read since a couple months after the games release. The desync issue is THE issue right now. The content, the cosmetics, the game modes, they can and should come later. 343 needs to prioritize desync being fixed before end of year. MW2 is inevitably going to be huge, and I have already had 90% of the people I play with stop playing this game (myself included admittedly), solely because of desync. Those people also have stated they will be going to MW2 and not looking back. I’m not there yet, I love Halo and have for 20 years now, but I can’t play a game that is this broken in such a fundamental way. Without fixing this foundational weakness, they can’t reasonably try to keep adding more floors onto the building, nor can they ignore it any longer. I hope the split up of roles with the recent upper management changes can appreciate this fact and address promptly and appropriately.


The inconsistency of how weapons feel between games (due to poor server performance) is unbelievable to me at this point.

It’s like we’re in a timeline where heavy aim took its final form and just crushes you with an inability to land shots

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I’ve literally been saying this for so long back in season 1 and a lot of people still think its the content drought.

If a game has content but the network and coding behind it is so bad to where you die behind walls a lot bc of desync. It makes it unenoyable to the point you’re not going to continue playing it.

If a game has good coding and networking behind it the lack of content can be forgiven bc the game is fun, enjoyable and is working properly.

I’ve stopped playing Infinite, uninstalled it too. If they don’t fix desync before 2023 then I’m just staying on MCC and going to continue playing 2042 and MW2 when it comes out.


It’s been worse since the update too. Can’t understand why this isn’t the top priority


I’ve been saying this since February. But here is what I know based off what my friends at 343 have told me. It’s top on the priority list but 343 as a team is running at about half man power and the recent hiring freeze at Microsoft isn’t helping.

In short don’t hold your breath for a major fix.

100% agree this needs to be sorted ASAP

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Best we can do is bunny ear cosmetics. Take it or leave it

I agree, they should post pone anything not planned. Communicate clearly that they are gonna work on the foundation. Start smashing their heads against all the code, I would wait for it no problem if they did that.


Agree. Matches are determined by whoever wins the server lottery. I’ve had games where I was practically immortal, and then the next match I’m 2-10. Skill isn’t much of a factor in Infinite, which takes away 80% of the reason to play.


Same. Had matches where I seemed unstoppable, shots were registering perfect, nades working as they should and then the next match you struggle to kill people who are standing still. It’s crazy how drastic the swings can be between games, and as stated, with the swings being that drastic none of this is a good gauge of anyones individual skill because its either you win the networking lottery or lose. This right here is why I stopped really playing ranked or caring about my rank altogether.


Am I the only one who did not experience any desync in MP yet?

I don’t get why it’s taking 10+ months to fix these minor issues.

Seriously… you’re not ready to give me Battle Royale and Firefight. FINE!

But, de-sync issues, melee lunges being 20 foot long, and shots not registering, and adjustments on aim-assist and magnetism… enemies just in general have this JUDDER to their animation? why? at 14ms ping? I don’t understand? is that animation problem or lag on other player’s side?

This is the area343 supposedly spent all their AMAZING TIME ON… “A Perfect SANDBOX”
FIX IT FOR GOOD… what is taking SO LONG…

It’s not like we’re asking for Battle Royale with playable Sangheli/Escharum/Didact/ etc.

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You probably have not experienced the worst forms of desync such as rubber banding/teleporting or being completely in a different location in your client vs on the server. But I would find it hard to believe if you never experienced an instance getting shot behind cover, shooting blank shots/melees, taking nade damage when you are nowhere near the nade, getting lunged at from insane distances.


I’ve just been disconnected from a ranked game where I was leading. Free defeat, thanks. Impossible to do anything in the menu, 'had to shutdown everything. (Error message: no internet connexion. Totally false of course.)
And if it’s not me it will be someone else in 2 or 3 games, again and again…

Fixe your game 343 !!! Screw forge, yappening, skins etc… make a game playable… please.