Desyn/lag/region? plus a small rant about SBMM

Anyone else feel there is something not right in some games, you can’t hit some players and it’s not for lack of trying? or your shields get one shot with a weapon that shouldn’t be able to do so? or you get one hit melee deaths from the front? there are probably far more examples.

What is causing the inconsistency? i’m in the UK and most of the time i’m getting sub 20ms to the server, other times it is plus 80ms, what is the ping limit? are players from across the globe being put into UK/EU lobbies?

Why can’t the SBMM (i’ve heard it’s in the game) recognise i’m a middle of the road player? stop sticking me in sweaty lobbies after i do ok in a couple of rounds, going from a plus kpd to 1-20 is quite disheartening and makes me not want to play the game. turn the zealousness down a bit please.


It’s not just you. The game suffers from a tremendous number of technical issues that make the it wildly inconsistent from match to match.

If you watched the HCS Raleigh event, then you likely saw the series of back-to-back-to-back player disconnects and crashes in matches on the first night (which, AFAIK, remain unacknowledged in any public statements from 343).

Having good internet does nothing to resolve these issues, either. For instance, I’m on a fiber connection (consistent 500Mbps DL speeds), but still see a lot of desync and lag. It’s just a lack a technical craftsmanship that needs to be resolved if 343 expects this game and its competitive scene to survive longer than six months in today’s gaming environment.

probably going to be too little, too late, i’ve popped back on the last two nights but nothing seems to have improved, in fact dare i say it seems worse than before. adding a new event with BS challenges in a game mode i don’t particularly enjoy is doing nothing for me, and the price reduction in the store is trivial at best.

it’s starting to feel a little COD like with it’s meta weapons, over zealous SBMM, slide spam, wonky net code, over zealous controller aim-assist/bullet magnetism (it needs some work but not removing), attempt to copy the battle pass (i know COD weren’t the first to do it but they arguably have the most popular), maybe it’s to entice Activision employees into the fold to help with future productions/game longevity, i dunno but hope not, COD is COD and Halo is Halo, i don’t need another COD with a Halo skin.

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I’m in the UK same issues sub 20 ms ping some days, others you get into a battle and ping shoots upto 3000 ms.

Do not get hung up on KD it actually means nothing, yes it’s fun to know but that’s it.
I play games all the time with people who won’t run the flag or pick up the ball etc to protect their KD
and with the connections it is just something else that gets you frustrated with this.

Yeah the desync is awful. If you want evidence, go watch the Halo Infinite Mythbusters videos by DefendTheHouse on YouTube. There are so many things that happen differently on one player’s screen than the other’s.