Destructoid reports Microsoft is working on ads in F2P games

As the title says. Destructoid has reported that microsoft is working on putting ads in its f2p games. It would be equivalent to a “billboard in a racing game” maybe a mural on some maps or something?


Y’know I saw that and thought, “Wait… is this a new thing? Haven’t games been low-key dropping ads in their worlds since the dawn of time?”

I don’t have a specific example, but this seems more like anti-capitalist-rage-farming than reporting.


cringe if true

prepare for megablox, rockstar, oreo, pringle, chipotle decals on warthogs


This sounds like it’s gonna be something for non-Microsoft F2P games cause I sure as sugar can’t see them shoving ads into Halo Infinite.

Or maybe they will, since starting with Season 2 you’re gonna be able to earn credits in in the BP. And the BPs never expire. So you can earn the BP forever and never have to spend any money on them anymore.

This could be the consequences I warned about when people asked “Why can’t we earn any credits in the Battle Pass and buy the next Battle Pass?” And forgetting that that would mean that one of their main revenue streams would just straight up die. Asking for earnable premium credits is always, always a monkey’s paw.

Ask for them to shore up ways to earn free content. Ask for them to add more free content and events and improve those events. But asking for earnable premium currency in F2P games leads to situations like this.


Doesn’t infinite already have ads?

Whenever you’re wearing one of those armor coatings you get from a promotion, you’re a walking sign for that product.

“Want your armor to look like mine? Go buy some nail polish!”


I doubt it’d even go that far lol. It wouldn’t phase me too but the article didn’t sound like it’d be that.

When MS bought Activision Blizzard they also bought the rights to a bunch of F2P phone games like Candy Crash that already run adds.

Will this translate to Halo? IDK. It might. I might not.

It’s not going to be ads like are in candy crush. it’s going to be more thought out hopefully.

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zero issue within f2p servers. great idea.

and then if u buy game pass each year or w/e u get ads free.

maybe if u select option to turn ads on even if u buy games pass u will get some bing search rewards points to enter sweepstakes as compensation for sharing data. maybe set to donate to charity or something.

brilliant concept: finally those billboards will be making money irl instead of just a picture of a golden warthog.

gold warthog is cool too tho.

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HOWEVER if i buy game pass i expect the option to PASS on ADS


Tbh, it’d be comical if they did. They could replace ‘Killing Spree!’ with ‘Cashing in on Prudential Life Insurance!’


Yeah. People ask a lot how the consumer can benefit at no further expense, but if the company says they’ve found a way - they haven’t. They’ve found a more effective way to make money.

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F2P? as an first 2 players?

As long as it’s just limited to random wall art, whatever. If you’re gonna put it on the loadscreen, and plaster it in my face every other match, well, I’m modding Shrek back onto the loadscreens.

F2P as in free to Play

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Halo Infinite is already one big ad with their 47 different promos. Only difference is now you’ll have to watch a Geico commercial every time your Warthog hits something or whatever

Reminds me of Nokia product placements in the Ultimate Spider Man game.

So, if they’re planning on Ads, does that mean sales of MTXs aren’t hitting home, or are they just extremely greedy?

Either way, prediction:
They’ll create a problem; playing / displaying ads in inconvenient moments, such as post match before displaying scores, or during respawn times so you can’t see team mates.

Selling the solution; no ads if you have the base game, or battlepass, or a special ad-blocker item.

Imagine having a bad game and seeing the same bad 10 second commercial 9 times in a row.

Yes to both of those question

Imagine having ads like sponsors in racing games, or illboards on walls in the maps. :face_vomiting:

Microsoft’s doing more harm than good.