Destructable environment?

How does having destructable evironment in future halo games sound and I don’t mean that things blow up and disapear like vehicles do, I mean for anything you destroy becomes part of the map and a player can interact with it (like using it for cover or to crush enemies). Battlefield is doing this and it works for them. Of course I’m not trying to say that halo should copy from battlefield but having destructable environment adds another layer of complexity to gameplay and I feel that it would benifit the halo series. I remember that i Halo 2 there was a map called waterworks that had stalactites that would fall and crush anyone under them if shot at, that is something closer to what i have in mind.

I think that there should be 4 levels of destructability

  1. natural- trees and such; the easiest to destroy
  2. huma made- tougher but still easy to destroy, a rocket can make a human size hole
  3. coventant made- very tough but still destructable
  4. forerunner or “new enemy” made- not destructable

Please tell me what you think. Is this a good idea or is it stupid. Also somethig for any 343 people who may see this can think about.

It’s a cool idea and all, but not really designed for the fragile multiplayer of Halo. Sure, there can always be something like the Stlagtites on Waterworks, but only on BTB maps. In the core, Halo is an Arena FPS where map design plays a huge role, blowing hole into a wall with a Rocket Launcher would break the map as there is now one more path to the space that could formerly had had a role of a control spot which would now be lost because it would be easier to access.

It’s a great idea, but not really designed for a game like Halo.

As a general concept I like it, but I do not believe that destruction(in such a scale as you are describing) will fit into future Halo games. Although I did really like the small destruction that Halo 2 brought to the table. You could shoot down the rocks on Waterworks. That was really funny and did not really make a big impact on gameplay and it was really funny when you hit a teammate or enemy with it.

Nothing along the lines of Battlefield, where whole buildings can be destroyed. I would like to see semi-destructable environments though, a la Gears of War. When you shoot at surfaces, they should chip and break, but not cause the whole structure to break. It would make our weapons feel a little more futuristic and powerful.

Yea I like the idea of your environment being more reactive. At least for Campaign and FF, might affect gameplay for multiplayer.

It’s a cool idea, but it would ruin map control being able to just bust a hole in a wall or floor and get somewhere you’re not supposed to, or quick than if you had gone the route designed for you. Since map control does play a role in Battlefield, but you spawn with weapons you want/need, it’s not as big of a problem, and works because of it.