Destroyed 3 Scorpions -

Commendation count didn’t budge. I think the driver may have been using Survivor. It’s hard enough to get these - don’t you think they should count for Commendation purposes?

As long as you destroyed a vehicle while it was manned, you will still get the Vehicle Kill medal which counts towards your Commendations even if the other player ejected using Survivor. You just won’t get a Weapon Kill medal.

Do you have a link to the game from your Game History?

I heard from a friend that you HAD to destroy it with a Grenade or another means besides Boarding and Meleeing. If you 'naded them, then maybe your Commendation leveled up? I think one of the levels goes up after 3 destroyed Scorpions. Then you have to get more than 3 Scorpions to level up again. ;D

I keep track of all my Commendations so I know what I need to work on, depending on what game comes up, so I know I was at 10/27 before and after the game.

Here is the game - I will save the Theater mode as well…

Film is on my fileshare as Tank1 - I died in the process - I wonder if that is why I didn’t get credit?

(Edit - turns out I only had one Scorpion kill. The Second one was the Assist - I think my gunner actually gets credit for the kill shot. The third one, I threw grenades under the smoking tank, and got credit for a kill, but one of my teammates was also meleeing at the time, so he may have gotten credit for the vehicle.)