Destiny reference in Halo 5?

Anyone else noticed on the last mission ‘Guardians’ at the last part when Exuberant is trying to grant you access to the Cryptum by hacking open the entrance, after Cortana has restricted most of her access, she says something like, “how hard can it be, it is just a door after all”. Mocking the ghosts in destiny, despite being super AIs, their only apparent job is to only open doors. At least that’s that what I immediately thought of and made me lol a little. Thought I shared. Kthxbye.

Hahahahaha that’s pretty good

yea pretty good

thought though at the end when chief got trapped in the cryptum it was going to end……then in a $15 -Yoink!- destiny dlc…

…the traveller would open and mc and blue team would step out