Destiny is better than this game.

It has more than one weapon.



Are you talking about the BR? That’s been Halo’s “one weapon” for over ten years.

Or are you talking about how the AR is actually useful for the first time ever? It’s a bit OP but …

… wait a minute: the fact that I’m not sure what weapon you’re talking about means you must be wrong. If it was a one-gun-game and I didn’t know what gun that was … well, then it’s not a one-gun-game.

But anyway, thanks for your constructive feedback on the beta and how to improve the final game. You can go back to Destiny now.

It also has no story, a horrible netcode, endless grinding just to get guns, and classes that are blatantly unbalanced.

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> It has more than one weapon.

It has a lot of weapons that function exactly the same.

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> It also has no story, a horrible netcode, endless grinding just to get guns, and classes that are blatantly unbalanced.

Basically yeah…

Destiny was the worst game launched last year.

Ahaha ha your joking right? With but 2 maps and 5 weapons its already better than all of destiny.

As a Destiny player myself who’s put a moderate amount of time into it, I can say that PvP MP wise, H5 wins by a mile. The Crucible’s maps are sub-par and quite forgettable. It’s quite unfair and unbalanced. Crouching Hunters with Fusion Rifles anyone? As well as random supers out of nowhere. The main issue is that the same ability and armour/weapon sandbox has been squeezed into both PvP and PvE, and it hasn’t worked that well. Admittedly, it had the potential to be a lot worse, and you have to give them credit for that.
Anyway, OT, the two are completely different shooters. Destiny is, at a stretch, an MMOFPS. Halo 5 is an arena FPS, (the bit we’ve seen so far, anyway), with extra BTB, Flood/Infection, Action Sack and the like as well. You can’t really compare them in anything more than an entirely subjective scale because they’re so different.
As for having more than one gun… Well, let’s count, shall we? The AR… One. The BR… Two! There is more than one gun, guys! 343 has done it again! Awesome! Seriously though, if you mean that there’s only one viable weapon, I beg to differ. BR dominance is dead, situational adaptation FTW.

Lol, you are a funny guy OP. Destiny is the laziest piece of crap ever to be released as a “AAA” game. Yes it has fun gunplay, but it’s over-commercialized with tons upon tons of poor design decisions. Seriously, it’s really sad to see Bungie fall this far. Halo 5 will make Destiny look like the cockroach’s toenail that it is. Even if they turned around and said ordnance was back lol. Halo 5 could not do anything bad enough to make it worse than Destiny.

Jezzus go play it then. Reported you stupid non-constructive thread
This is a halo forum not destiny kid

i beg to differ. destiny has NO replay value, i had to force my self to beat the campaign.