Despite the constant feedback, it looks like split-screen for PC on MCC has gone to higher ups and is officially being canned

A while back, I contacted Halo Support about being unable to access split-screen on PC, regarding split-screen on PC, and observing that it wasn’t on the known issues list. I got a general response appreciating the feedback and the ticket was kept open.

Today I got a response. It looks like the issue was raised further but the PC community only got bad news:

Hi there Nefnoj,

Thank you for the update. After raising this issue, we have come to the decision that PC players won’t be able to use split-screen for the vanilla version of the game. We’ve also added this information to this article: Quick start guide for Halo: The Master Chief Collection (MCC)

There are online articles on the Steam forums that allow this but it may require modding the game. I recommend you visit the Steam forums for more information.

Should you encounter other in-game issues, feel free to send us a new ticket.

Thank you,

Halo Agent Golf

With all the bad news about Halo, I was really disappointed to find it only got worse.

  • On PC, you can play with friends over the Xbox network, but you can’t use split screen.

If you want to play split-screen on MCC then use the Nucleus Coop mod. It has been improved in the last year and a half if you haven’t looked at it recently. I trust it. FYI you should expect to have to reduce the graphic settings. It works by running multiple copies of the game and networking them together on the same machine.
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yeah that’s the best way to do it on pc, but you can do co-op over lan as well. so it’s not all bad.

and besides, we have mod support on pc. i’d rather mod the games to play how i want them to play than have no mod support at all.

either way pc is the best way to play halo. i also now have a modded xbox 360 to replay halo, 2, 3, 4, odst and reach in splitscreen, each game modded with various unofficial mod tools, for the best experience and a better framerate than the originals had. so i have the best of both worlds.

odst looks amazingly good without bloom, motion blur and colour grading and a load of other stuff and halo 4 is less annoying to play without all the bloom and lens flares.